Guest Post: Using Wall Murals to Recreate Any Style in Your Home

Using Wall Murals to Recreate Any Style in Your Home | City of Creative Dreams

According to the latest trends in interior décor, wall murals represent the best way to cheer up any space within your home. The wall murals available through will help you beautify your home and recreate any style that you wish. You will find here a very wide selection of wall murals, such as Orchid designs, city landscape (New York City scenic at night for example), lavender fields, bookcase style, Roses, Ivy, Brooklyn Bridge, Vintage and much more. All you need to do is check out the available murals and select the one that you like the most.

Different Décor styles with wall murals

Several high profile interior décor articles talk about the great advantages of such wall murals. First of all, wall murals will look beautiful and bring instantly to life any dull space or corner of your room. Whenever a guest visits your home, rest assured the wall mural will represent the center piece of attention. Besides being extremely eye catching, the wall murals are capable of brightening up your room. If you have a room where the natural light source is quite scarce, you should opt for a wall mural that is bright and luminous. Look for wall murals that have plenty of light and soft colors such as white, ivory, soft pink, blue or apple green. These will immediately add some fine light to your room.

Then, wall murals definitely help you make a  statement. If your passion is represented by nature and flowers you will look for murals with roses, orchids, natural landscapes, water and so on. If you like vintage style decors, you will look for murals with wooden elements and words written in vintage style with different fonts. There are wall murals in several different styles which can help anyone make a statement in their home!

Wall murals are definitely better than paint. Regardless of the paint color you choose…it will be just plain paint. Simply painted walls are quite boring, so you should definitely bring more color and brightness to your room with such wall murals. You only need to add a wall mural to one of the walls, and you will create an instant special effect that you will love.

You can actually get some great ideas here on how to decorate your home with wall murals.  Recreate a modern, vintage, urban, landscape or Sports statement in your home with the help of top quality wall murals. The murals represent a beautiful décor option both for home and office space decoration. In fact, some studies show that commercial spaces that use such wall murals actually attract more customers People are attracted by colors and beautiful images and they are tackled on an emotional level. Thus, more people will enter your store and actually make a purchase. Wall murals require such a small investment in comparison with the advantages they can bring to you, your family or your customers. Check out the great designs now available through

Wall murals special features

Top quality all murals have plenty of advantageous qualities and features. For example, these murals are extremely lightweight and can be installed quickly and easily. You do not even need specialized help to install the murals because they can be performed in a DIY project. When you purchase the murals, you will also be capable of purchasing all the necessary tools to install the wall murals easily and make them look truly professional. Yet another great advantage of these murals is that they are washable. If the murals become dirty by mistake, you can easily wash them and they will still look like new. The wall-paper adhesive is usually included with each and every piece you purchase. Therefore, all you need is a flat surface in your home and you can already glue up the wall mural.

Some wall mural you can choose from:
  •           Urban- beautiful city landscapes that will make any space look truly modern. These Urban style wall murals look incredibly well in a minimalistic or modern style living room. They also look very well in bedrooms or even kids rooms.
  •           Nature wallpapers- with representations of fields, waters, flowery gardens, mountains and more. They will look stylish in any living room, hallways or even the bathroom. Dare to brighten up your space with gorgeous nature inspired wall murals.
  •           Floral- if you love flowers, you can choose from a very wide range of flowery wall murals with orchids, roses, ivy, and different other plants. These flower inspired murals will cheer up a wall in your kitchen, living room or even your bedroom.
  •           Children murals- these contain kids specific graphics and paintings that will brighten up the space of your little one. There are plenty of designs and colors that you can choose from, you just need to pick the one that goes best with the interior décor of the room.
  •           Maps wall murals- Are you a  travel enthusiast? Then, you will definitely love maps and World inspired wall murals in your home. They go incredibly well in a place of your home, and they will surely represent the centerpiece of attention for anyone visiting your home. Imagine having a wall with the world map in your living room, and just planning all your dream trips while having your morning coffee. Quite relaxing, isn’t it?

Wall murals can indeed help you redecorate your home exactly the way you wish. You don’t even need a huge investment and you can already bring a breath of fresh air and space into your home. You will add more depth, color, and beauty to your walls and to your entire home by using such wall murals.

Just make sure to purchase such accessories only through top reputable providers that offer quality products at reasonable prices. Check out now the amazing selection of wall murals offered by Talissa and beautify your home within an hour!

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