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Even though summer is done and my little one has begun his first day of school. My goal for the summer was to bring my son to his firsts. I know school now will be taking over the day with him and they get to do some fun things but I wanted the first time memories. So far I had brought him to the aquarium, cne, the science center and now the zoo.

I have to look back to last week when I took him to the zoo for the very first time. I have only been there once myself back when I was in high school so going was a nice treat for us. We named the animals, dealt with some crazy heat but have a ton of fun. It was worth the money.

My son wore a hat to help keep him cool. I usually I don’t wear a hat but had a very large umbrella to protect me from that sun from beating down on me. When I say it was hot, I am not even joking. My favourite animals are the leopards and cheetahs. I could just stare at them all day long! There was one animal that I was jealous about and that was the polar bear. One polar bear loved being in the water. It seemed the happiest floating and diving over and over meanwhile I was hot and sweaty watching. Oh, how I wished I would swim in there.

We had an awesome time this summer getting to do stuff other than our usual. Being able to go to Toronto’s treasures for the last summer before we kicked off the school year was one to keep in the memory books! Can’t wait to see what else we can experience next.

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  1. Looks like a great day!! And the first day of school is always a BIG first!! Dona

    1. It was and the first day of school was a toughy but we both make it through like champs.

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