Monday, October 3, 2016

How to Focus in Life, Blog and Everything Else

How to Focus in Life, Blog and Everything Else | City of Creative Dreams

Having a blog is awesome, you get to be your own boss while sitting in your bed and occasionally stay in my PJs with my little man. However, staying in the zone gets harder when things are constantly getting in the way. It is not always easy to keep the focus or stay productive especially if your wifi is not on the same page as you. When I heard that Luma's service know exactly how I feel and has created a customized home WiFi system that solves that pesky slow wifi problem, it got me wondering about all the things in my life that prevent me from getting things done. Here are three major areas that keep me distracted.

Since working and no longer being that stay a home mom, I have found that it gets into my way of keeping myself motivated when I had just gotten through an emotionally exhausting day at work. My schedule at work doesn't help since my hours are right smack in the middle of the day or up and down. The commute to work takes an hour and a half, plus an eight-hour shift than an hour and a half subway commute home. By the time I get home I am too tired at the end of my day to do anything but have so much to do.

After work comes home. This is where I have to get tons of things done in a short period of time. Before I can sit down and blog, I have to get myself ready for bed, get my little man's lunch ready for school, eat dinner and then get my little man in bed along with all the typical bedtime routine. If he is not having a good day, it takes me extra long to do everything. 

Everything else.
Depending on my day, I tend to be falling asleep on myself while working on my blog and get up either in the middle of the night to finish or in the half an hour before heading off to work. My days off is where I really like to have all my blog post done but realistically it doesn't always happen that way due to TV shows I want to binge watch or my computer wifi is slow.

Doesn't sound like I am keeping my life balanced huh? I will be honest, I am not super bionic mommy, blogger, and full-time employee. I have good days and bad days just like the rest. However, on my great weeks, I am very balanced. Those days I have everything done way in advance. 

5 Tips That Helps Me

1. Make sure things are done before hand. If you have a billion things to get done, try to get it all done before hand, that way you are not stressing about it. If you know that your little one is supposed to be eating dinner now, then blogging at that time will not be a productive time to get stuff done.

2. Set a work period day or time. Sundays are my work period days where I crank out all the blogs posts for the week as well as my social media. That way I can focus on just sharing the post of the day on my social media channels.

3. Have a calming aid. For some people that could be coffee or tea, a comfortable chair or even a room in their home. Mine is music. Music helps me get out the anxieties of life that I find myself thinking about like a broken record, the music keeps me focused on the task at hand.

4. Admit when you can't. I am learning that I can't do it all, all the time. I have to accept that I am not always going to get 5 posts done in one day plus the social media. I have to take a moment and remember that I am the boss and have complete control over my hours. My health is just as important as my blog.  

5. Schedule. Schedule. Schedule. Making the time to put a schedule together helps keep me on track of what posts will go on for the week and any appointments as well. If there is anything that needs to be done, it will be right there. 

Don't get me wrong being a mom, a blogger, and an employee has its privileges. Even though I wish I could have a lot more time and wish that I could change some things about my life, I am still happy. You can for sure say that I am never bored. It can be scary to have to find the balance, it may not always work out the same way every week or month but nevertheless, once you get it, you can see all the benefits!

If one of your distractions are your Wifi, why not to see how Luma can help you. Now I am curious, what are your distractions in life? Is it work? The kids? or tons of Tv shows? I wanna know!

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  1. So glad I came across this! I really like point #4, it is so important for us to step back and just come to the conclusion that we can't perform 24/7.

    1. I totally agree! I am happy that you found my post, Nicole!


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