Kids Bedroom Wall Update

When I see a decor problem at home, I have to fix it. I walked into my sibling’s bedroom and saw this wall that just looked horrendous to me and I had to give it some love. If I didn’t then I would have to stare at it every time I went in. Since this area of the wall is one of the first things that you see I thought why not give it some pops of color.

Here is what the wall behind the bed looked like before:

And here is what it looks like now.  
It is less cluttered and more in order. You still get that hint of kids art while adding a pop of decor. I think the wall now has purpose then just sticking posters with tape. If you want to make your very own floral monogram, be sure to check out my post: How to Make A Spring Monogram Canvas Garden.

Here is the larger wall before photo. 

And this is it now:

I found these positive words art at Michaels Craft Store. I love how the colors match the monogram I made but also reminds my siblings to remain positive. Life can get a little hectic or stressful regardless of how hold they are but to wake up and go to bed to something positive every morning is a great reminder to keep at the heart of the bedroom.

What I didn’t expect to find was these simply stylish cork boards at Dollarama. It only cost me $3.00 each. The grey frame is made out of plastic which is perfect for kids but it doesn’t look cheap. I put both on either side of the art.

Now the bedroom wall has a great look to it. 

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