7 Inexpensive DIY Bathroom Decor Tips

7 Inexpensive DIY Bathroom Decor Tips | City of Creative Dreams

Do you feel like your bathroom looks dull or you just got tired of its display? If so, then you should do a makeover to make it look more appealing. Decorating doesn’t mean you need to spend extravagant amounts of money. You will be able to refurbish or redesign your bathroom without coughing a lot of cash and without the help of a professional contractor. Check out these inexpensive DIY bathroom decor tips to help shed ideas on where to start. 
1. Cover the damaged sections
Among the things that make a bathroom look unappealing are fractured tiles, rusty faucets, and other run-down parts and fixtures. For those of you who don’t have the budget for major repairs; then here’s some good news. You can still improve your bathroom’s appearance. Simply covering damaged sections will not only hide the impaired sections but also serve as visual aesthetics. Here’s an example for broken tiles; you can cover it up with simple yet stylish rugs or mats. Just make sure the rugs/mats blend or complement well with the color of tiles. 
2. Repaint to give your bathroom a new complexion
The paint can completely transform your bathroom into something new. You have the option to paint by yourself or get an expert to do it for you. Although hiring a painter is a bit more costly; it’s a great choice for those who want the painting to be done professionally. Besides, hiring a painter is more practical than removing and replacing the tiles. 
While it may sound cost-effective to use the cheapest paint available; you need to consider the quality. Poor quality paints tend to fade easily and crack in a short time. There are plenty of high-quality paints that are affordable; so take time looking for one.   
3. Get more stylish countertop embellishments

Before you plan on shopping for new accessories, check through your cabinets or old storage for well-designed bowls, cups, or vases. You can add these items to your countertop to make it more stylish. Be sure to avoid countertop accessories that are made of glass since it’s such a mess to clean-up when it falls and breaks. You also have the option to place shells, precious stones, and even driftwood as additional design items.
 4. Add a sink skirt  
A sink skirt is only suitable if you don’t have a cabinet under your sink. The sink skirt will not only help add space but also visual style. You can recycle unused or old sheets that have great designs so you don’t necessarily have to spend for a new sheet. 
5. Place artwork in the bathroom
Photos or paintings can be framed and placed into your bathroom and serve as decorations. You can also take out illustrations and photos from a magazine and place them in affordable frames. Avoid family photos since it’s going to be awkward for your guests to glance at these images while they’re doing their business.  
6. Use a decorative or antique ladder

You should consider having a decorative ladder for your bathroom if you have plenty of space left. Your towels can be placed on the ladder for your convenience. Antique ladders can be refurbished by repainting to make it more presentable.

7. Place plants

Do you want to add some greenery to your bathroom? You’ll be happy to know that you can place a few species of plants. However, you need to ensure the plant species can survive in high humidity and low natural light. Ferns, orchids, and bamboos are among the few plants that can thrive in a bathroom; while also serving as a decor.

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