Monday, November 21, 2016

Kids Fashion Finds - November Edition

Kids Fashion Finds - November Edition | City of Creative Dreams

It has been a while, my friend. I have been working way more than I have been shopping lately, okay that may be half the truth, however, when it comes to clothing shopping I haven't had the need to shop a ton for my little guy since I had already done a huge one when it was back to school shopping. Now that I have gone through all of this clothing once again and got rid of the super cute clothing that is sadly a tad too small, it was time to get just a little more to replace the ones I have donated.

Okay I know what you are thinking based on the photos and before you start wondering what month we are in, let me be the first to say that right this moment I am not sending my little man outside into this fall season in shorts. I bought these clothing over the summer and just haven't had the time to showcase the goodies that I had bought. Let's dive into my little pile of clothing to see what I got.

The first set of clothing is a Disney Cars  Blue Tee - $1.49, H&M Green Monster Tank- $3.49, Children's Place Pants - $3.99, Old Navy Beige Pants - $3.99, Vibrations Grey Long Shorts - $1.99,
Tailored By Black Shorts - $1.99.

These three are super cute, check out this Old Navy Yellow Dino Tee- $1.99, Batman Navy Blue Shorts -  $1.99 and Gymboree Green Tee  that only cost me $3.49.

Lately, you have to see this set of clothing such as the Puma Blue Tee - $3.49, Baby Gap Light Grey and Blue Stripe Tee - $3.49, Garanimals Blue Pants - $2.49, H&M Blue Plants - $3.99, George Orange Shorts - $1.99 and these Old Navy Blue Shorts  cost me $1.99.

Saving a boat load of money always feels good. In total, my purchase cost me only $44.07! Until the next kids shopping splurge!

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