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How to Add Variety to Your Bathroom Design

How to Add Variety to Your Bathroom Design | City of Creative Dreams

Bathrooms with specific themes have been popular for a while now. It’s a perfectly fine way to approach design, but it’s also kind of dull and monochromatic. Bathrooms, probably more than any other rooms in the house can be a place of experimentation. Try to add elements of different styles and aesthetics to your bathroom and see how they work together. There really aren’t too many rules you have to follow, as long as the bathroom is comfortable and to your liking.

Wood cabinets

No matter how eclectic a design you choose, it’s important to have one focal point around which the room is built. For instance, start with dark hardwood cabinets. They add a sense of seriousness and charm to the bathroom. All other elements will come together even if they’re from a different period. For instance, marble tiles on the floor, shower and on the countertops can provide an interesting counterpoint. Any type of shower would work in this environment – from the most basic ones to high- tech showers equipped with speakers or massage programs.

A round tub
This design will only work if the room is large enough. If it is, you should definitely go for it because it provides a variety of options. Start with a large round tub, possibly facing a window (especially if you have a great view). A white tub would work well with beige tiles and limestone flooring. It’s the only part of the bathroom that has to be contemporary in style, everything else can have whatever a flavor you want. You can make the other corner cozy and rustic, with a lot of ornaments or trinkets, but you can also have a well-lit mirror in there as well.

Vintage bathrooms are beautiful, and with the right lighting, quite elegant. The hardest thing about recreating an authentic Victorian style isn’t getting the right tubs and fixtures, but making the plumbing resemble the old one as much possible. Experts at Your Choice Plumbers say that the key is to get detached fixtures, like the ones from a time when indoor plumbing was a rarity. These vintage touches should be paired with the best modern commodities, of course. Radiant heating wouldn’t diminish the vintage look, but it would make you more comfortable.

Contrasting colors
If done right, contrasting colors add a level of elegance to your bathroom. The simplest way is to go with black and white. For instance, go with a vanity and mirror frames made of dark wood. Other decorative touches, like vases and pictures frames, can be dark as well. Contrast this with a shining white marble for the counters, the tub and floor tiles. With these bathrooms the lighting is crucial – it can change the look of the whole room. Try with as much natural light as possible and experiment with a few different sources of artificial light.

A stone tub
Stone tubs have been around since the Italian monks started making them in the 17th century and there is a reason they’re still popular. A round stand-alone tub is beautiful to look at and immensely enjoyable to take baths in. Crushed marble, limestone, and travertine are probably the best materials you can get. To mix things up a bit, add some chrome details. The contrast it creates can be quite charming. Of course, with these kinds of tubs, you always have to think about heating issues.
Bathroom design doesn’t have to be strict – mix and match different styles until you find what suits you.


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