Monday, December 5, 2016

How to Create a Sophisticated Blush Floral Arrangement

How to Create a Sophisticated Blush Floral Arrangement | City of Creative Dreams

I am thinking pink, actually, I am more into the luxury sophisticated blush colour of pink.When I saw Michael's Craft Store Blush floral collection for this winter season, I couldn't help but to get my hands on the few flowers to create an awesome arrangement. So as you may have noticed, I am not a real pink girl. I prefer any other colour naturally I gravitate to blue, however, I have a friend who loves pink and I thought I would make create a floral arrangement for her.

The seasonal floral went on a 70% off sale so I got two of each!

Of course, I had to find something to put these flowers into and randomly came across the last votive or mercury style vase from the same blush collection. This cost around $25 dollars but it was on 50% off sale. I love the style of it and that it is a mix of blush and gold!

I started with the blush hydrangeas. It really had a touch of winter on the petals and on the leaves. I like to start with the fillers first, that way I can see where I need to add more flowers.  I place it at the opposite sides of the vase.


Next, I got two roses from the same collection, these ones give it an elegant touch with the blush and gold mix. It compliments the vase as well. Then I place it at the opposite ends of the vase.

How to Create a Sophisticated Blush Floral Arrangement | City of Creative Dreams

These last flowers were actually not a part of the same collection, it is in the floral section. I cannot remember the name of this one however, it is regular stock at most Micheals. I chose this one because the pink was a little darker and I wanted the floral to have levels of colour and not just a one tone arrangement. I placed this flower into the middle and bent the sections into for, that way the flowers would peak out of all four sides.


Now it is time to display!


This is perfect for any occasion from wedding centrepieces, special occasions to a coffee table piece of decor that you can look at all winter long! It doesn't have to be winter but the snow touches on the flowers sure gives it that nice winter feel. Who says winter centrepieces have to be only be in white... I say bring on the blush!


My goal was to stay clear away from any floral that was overly covered with glitter, a little touch here or there but nothing completely covered because I know glitter is not always fun, it gets stuck everywhere and can live a lifetime. I think I have achieved that goal plus more, I think it turned out amazing and now I wished I made one for me... in blue of course!

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  1. Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing how to make one! :)


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