Opposites Attract: Even in Your Window Treatments!

Opposites Attract: Even in Your Window Treatments!| City of Creative Dreams

Long gone are the days when everything in your home had to match and coordinate. Today, the name of the game is contrast, and nowhere does a bold, high-contrast look make more of an impact than in your window treatments. Incorporating colors, patterns and textures that stand out against one another is an easy way to take your windows into the 21st Century. Learn how to make opposites attract in your window treatments by making a few simple changes.

Contrast Window Treatments With Wall Color

Curtains, drapes and blinds that blend into the wall look drab and institutional. Jazz up a room by using contrasting colors on windows and walls. Determine contrasting colors by using a color wheel. Find the hue closest to your wall color on the wheel, then look straight across the wheel to find that color’s contrasting, or opposite, hue. Shades of blue will pop against a brown wall, for example, while purple and lavender stand out against beige or yellow walls.

Use Contrasting Colors Within a Window Treatment

Contrasting colors can also be used for different parts of your window treatments. Pair a pink valance with lime green drapes for a vibrant teenager’s room, or add sheer peach panels or scarves on top of light blue wooden blinds for a soft, breezy look. Black and white create the ultimate high-contrast look and provide endless options. Alternate black and white panels to create stripes, make white blinds pop with black ribbon tape or set off white drapes with black ties and valances.

Combine Contrasting Textures

You’re not limited to color when using contrast to make your window treatments stand out. Textures and materials can provide beautiful, interesting contrast too. Mix leather and lace to strike a balance between masculine and feminine, tie smooth silk drapes with rough suede or top stiff cotton panels with a crinkly valance. Use smooth or stiff window treatments against textured walls or textured treatments with smooth walls.

Mix and Match Patterns

Patterns are another great way to add contrast. Opposite patterns look better together than similar patterns. Create a fun zoo-inspired look in a child’s room by combining various animal prints, such as leopard and zebra or tiger and giraffe. The combination of plaid and floral gives a traditional country vibe, while paisley and cow print adds western flair.

Create Contrast With Details and Accessories
If you have already invested in matching, monochrome window treatments, you can still incorporate contrast into your design by adding details and accessories. Swapping out inexpensive accessory pieces is a great way to refresh your windows on a budget. Change the cloth tape on your wooden blinds to contrasting color or texture, for example, or replace scarves and valances with contrasting colors. You can also give your windows a splash of contrast for free by swapping out parts of your existing window treatments.

Add a Border
Contrasting borders are a nice addition to window shades. Sew on a border in a contrasting color or texture to make your shades stand out. You can also add borders to your windows by installing new window frames, framing windows with bookshelves or adding a window seat. An inexpensive way to set off a window is to install a wallpaper border or paint a border.

Don’t Go Overboard With Contrast

Opposites attract, but too many opposites in the same space can create chaos. Go easy when it comes to contrasting elements. Stick to one type of contrast, such as color or texture. If your colors contrast, keep textures flat. If you use contrasting texture, stick with complimentary or monochrome color schemes. When using bold, contrasting patterns, keep textures and materials simple to avoid an overwhelming look. Incorporating contrast, but not too much, will give your home a bright, contemporary look that is livable and easy to adapt through the years

Guest post courtesy of Proctor Drapery and Blinds. With over 35 years of experience, St. Louis’ window treatments expert Michael Proctor can help you find the perfect shutters, draperies and blinds for your home.

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