Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What I bought on Cyber Monday at La Senza

What I bought on Cyber Monday at La Senza | City of Creative Dreams

Dear online shopaholics, I know what day it is and yet I realise that I haven't spilt the beans on what I was up to on cyber Monday for the reason being that what I bought is only arriving this week. Now I don't know about you but I found that Black Friday wasn't doing it for me this year, the sales were not calling me, however, I and cyber Monday became best friends real quick. I think that day may officially be my best friend.

Okay, okay, I know you are dying to know what I bought. I will tell you that I spent most of my web time between work and home life on La Senza (if you don't have a La Senza in your hometown then think about it as a alternate to Victoria Secret... don't judge.. panties are panties!) Now I am usually in the sale and clearance section, even online, I like to save money, who doesn't? Their sale for Cyber Monday was this: Free Shipping on Orders Over $25, 25% Off Clearance, 50% Off regular priced items! I almost fell down when I saw this.

La Senza Panties

With that on my mind, I got to shopping! I came across this white short sleeve sleep tee in the clearance section for $7.99.

La Senza Sleepwear

Then I couldn't leave the site with just that. I got to get myself some panties, I mean that was the whole reason why I was there in the first place. My goal was to get something different from what I was normally doing- and these two were calling me. Who doesn't love a little red or a little grey! These panties cost $8.50 each and that is regular priced.

La Senza Panties

What I bought on Cyber Monday at La Senza | City of Creative Dreams

I also bought something else however that has not arrived yet which breaks my heart because I am mostly excited for that one. It is completely out of my normal go-to with clothing. Anyways enough about that one. With everything (aka four items) my purchase was going to be $44.94 and that wasn't even with the shipping. Thank goodness for the sale because my purchase came to $27.65 plus free shipping! Best Cyber Monday ever!

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