Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Why I Chose Online College? & 4 Reasons Why Its Worth It

Why I Chose Online College? & 4 Reasons Why Its Worth It | City of Creative Dreams

When I heard about Earnest and their personal and student loan services I was amazed. I know first hand about needing money especially when you need it for school, it got me thinking back about my experience with college and all the things that got me to where I am today. I wish I had a service like Earnest to have helped me out back when I went to college. However, my college experience is not at all of what you see in those awesome college life movies. No, not at all! In fact, it is probably the exact opposite of your college experience.

For all my high school experience (back when I was in high school, of course) I was hammered in the thought about university and college. 'You got to choose now!' And when I decided to take a year off... well that wasn't the most pleasant conversation I had with my teachers. There was scrunched up faces and wide eyes. I got a ton of 'Don't do it!' and 'If you do then you will never go back to school.' with a waving index finger.

I will admit that taking a year off from after high school is not for everyone, some do not go back but that doesn't mean that is the case for everyone. I, unfortunately, could not get funding to go to college due to a number of circumstances. I got into the course of my dreams and just couldn't afford to get there. I didn't have scholarships or a rich parent plus I didn't have a job either so now what? How do I get to my dreams now? Online courses! During my year off I did some online courses through the Toronto District School board (TDSB) then after I researched and found a college with my dream course Interior Decorating and even picked up a second course, Wedding Planning, at the fraction of the price that college would have cost.

Here are why it is worth looking into:

You had a smaller amount to pay when you are doing your courses online. You don't have as much debt or have to worry about extra expenses such a dorm rooms or bus passes. There are no extra charges to get food or to get books. The books were always a part of the original price! What I love most is that I could pay in small amounts of a minimum of $25 a month and when I had a little bit more money I can pay more. I could also finish my course before I finished paying.

It is a course that you have control.  I love that you can proceed it at your own pace. I wanted both of my courses to be finished by the time my son was born. I was my determine because I knew that I was going to be too busy to be able to focus so I turned a two-year course into a couple of months. They mail you the supplies, you work on it at home and then you do the test online. Once you pass your test then they will send you the next assignment.

The environment is based on your comfort level. You need don't have to leave your home if you don't want to. You can go to the library or even just have everything done at the desk at home. It is perfect for those snow days where you don't even want to bundle up. Since there is no teacher waiting on you, you can start your class whenever is easiest for you, on the subway to or from work or on your break at work. Not a morning person? Then do it at night! The list of possibilities is endless.

I love the fact that I did not have to rely on other people, it was only myself. I had to get the work done and I have to pass my test. The only thing I really had to rely on is the mail service to bring in my work. The rest is up to me which could not be any more perfect. You do have to be determined and organized and willing to do the work on your own. If you are not able to be focused all by yourself then an online course it is not meant for you.

If I could go back in time I would not change anything. No, I wasn't the young kid that got a dorm room or sat in class along with others or even join extra curium activities. I didn't have a spring break party or hung out with my roommate talking about boys. If things turned out in a different way, I wouldn't have found the amazing treasures I have come across in my life, like the course, like my son and like all the experiences I have gained through my blog.

Life wasn't as planned but that never discouraged me. I don't feel that I missed out on not going class to class in a traditional college, I set out what I wanted to accomplish and that was doing the course of my dreams! Getting the education in what you want is what is important to me, not the fancy label of what school it is or how much it cost but getting the paper that says I am getting to do what I love is what makes it all worth it!

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