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10 Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

10 Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Your Space | City of Creative Dreams

Lighting is one of the most important elements you should consider when restyling your home. It can completely transform a space, set an interesting mood, or make a room look bigger. All it takes is the right approach and little imagination and you can give your home a completely new look using just lights.

Use Natural Light
Every living being needs natural light, so you should find a way to incorporate it into your home as much as possible. The more natural light a room has, the bigger it appears to be, which is extremely helpful if you’re trying to make the most of a small space. In addition, you can add mirrors to reflect light and elongate your space.

Include Dimmers
Dimmers are an efficient multi-functional lighting option that can easily satisfy your needs. Whether you need brighter light to work or less intensive one to create a romantic atmosphere, dimmers are a flexible choice that will allow you to have it all.

Illuminate Your Artwork
You can easily emphasize your artwork collection with the help of just lights. If you mount low-voltage lamps on the frame of a picture, or on a wall slightly above it, you can stylishly illuminate the artwork. The lighting fixture will emit gentle light across the surface of the picture creating a unique effect.

Candles for a Romantic Mood
Whether you’re hosting a party or a romantic dinner for two, candles are the perfect choice when it comes to creating a more intimate atmosphere. In addition, you can place them in your bedroom to set a note of comfort and relaxation. There are even flameless candles that are a safer choice, especially if you tend to fall asleep while candles are still lit.

Accent Lighting Fixtures
Not only can lighting affect the atmosphere in your home, but it can make a powerful d├ęcor statement, as well. A single decorative lamp on a coffee table can draw everyone's attention. Imagine what you can do with several ones tastefully placed around your living room. You don't even have to choose the same type as long as you connect them with colour.

Task Lighting in the Kitchen
Using task lighting in your kitchen will provide you with more focused light, thus making it easier for you to chop, slice and dice. Placing task lights under the cabinets will illuminate the counters and you will get enough light to perform the task. This is a simple, yet an efficient solution that will make your life much easier.

Coloured Lights
If you want to set a more romantic or creative mood, coloured lights are just for you. You can obtain lighting fixtures that can switch from one colour to another, or that can mix them up. Since different colours can have different effects on the human psyche, make sure to choose those that meet your needs.

Tall Floor Lamps
Not only do floor lamps emphasize the height of your room, but they can also be used to illuminate narrow corners. They don’t take up too much space, but still provide a lot of light. You can even choose a multi-functional option with a torchiere top and a task light in the middle.

Sconces for Walls
Scones are the perfect choice if you’re struggling with a small room. Instead of taking up space with floor lamps, you can take advantage of the free walls and mount sconces. They can be used as decoration details, as well, especially if they have an interesting design.

Go Green
When choosing lighting for your home, you should take energy efficiency into consideration. Incandescent lights are being left behind in favour of more efficient options - LEDs. Instead of wasting energy and money, consider obtaining Superlight LED lighting solutions. Whether you need decorative fixtures, ceiling lights or wall lights, LED lighting is more energy efficient and healthier.

You can do wonders with lighting as long as you’re willing to experiment. Make sure to carefully consider your needs before restyling your space.

Guest post courtesy of Stacey Cooper.

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