Tuesday, January 17, 2017

5 Best Cheer Up Gifts For Stressed Friends

5 Best Cheer Up Gifts For Stressed Friends | City of Creative Dreams

We all have been there, work feels draggy, kids are driving you to the madhouse, bills are piling up and you start feeling like you are in an endless twister of things circling around you. Some rush to the big bottle of wine when the kids are sleeping, some binge watch television shows on the weekend and some have friends over for a girls day. We all do not have that luxury, however, when I can see that one of my friends are down in the dumps I can't help but put a little something together to brighten up their day, regardless of what is going on in my life. I\ve always see the benefit of giving more than receiving. It brings me joy just as much as it brings joy to them.

My friend is a superwoman with her kids and has so many things being thrown at her at all times that is why I decide that I wanted to put together a cheer up box full of gifts.

It all starts with a box. It doesn't have to be too fussy but something that represents your friend. It is all about presentation. This is the first thing your friend will be seeing.

Add a feel good memo. I love a quote or something that I can read that brings me up. 

A Mug: As much as I like a mug. I personally only have a limited amount however who doesn't love receiving a mug. They get to pour their coffee or tea inside and then relax. Just sit back and imagine life's problems.

A little sparkle, a little warm and a little fizz. I wanted to give a little sparkle because a little bling can make anyone feel special. You can take it out on bad days and wear it as a reminder of all the good they have in their life. A little warm with a favorite tea or coffee or even recommend one your favorites. The one we have is a calm tea by President's Choice. Fizzy vitamins for an extra boost in their bodies to tackle what life throughs at them.

Lastly, a card. You can't finish a cheer up box without a card filled with empowering words. I am a lover of words. Words can bring some much joy to people, it has its own power in what you say and how you say it. The card outside could be blank but the beauty inside makes it a masterpiece.  

Top it off with a ribbon!

Delivery with a smile! A gift doesn't have to be on a certain day to make is special, it just needs to be meant from the heart. Those are my five best cheer up gifts for stressed friends. Of course, the point is to mix things up and make it completely your own. It is your friend, you know your friend better than anyone! Have fun creating!

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