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7 Tools You Need in Your House

7 Tools You Need in Your House - City of Creative Dreams

One of the greatest downsides of the modern age is the fact that we have come to rely too much on the services provided by others. You see, when you face a power outage, there is nothing easier than calling a commercial electrician. Same goes for a plumber. All you need to do in this situation is google a number, call it and pay afterwards. It doesn’t get any simpler or less time-consuming and in the meanwhile, you go about your business.

On the other hand, you won’t always have the luxury of calling someone else to come to your aid. Sometimes, you will need to fix the situation yourself (at least temporary). To help you prepare for that moment, here are seven tools you will want to have by your side.

1. Screwdriver Set
Calling a handyman for a couple of loose screws is not only a waste of money but of your time as well. You see, by the time you make the phone call, you could have probably already tightened them yourself. All you need is a simple screwdriver set. The thing you need to know about screwdrivers is that there are many different types out there. Still, the most common ones are Phillips (the one that looks like a plus) and slot head (the one that looks like a minus). All in all, you need few of them in different sizes and you are all covered for most situations.

2. Tape Measure
Now, tape measurer is quite self-explanatory, still it has some great features that people often fail to consider. It seldom costs more than a few dollars and it easily fits inside of your pocket. Furthermore, seeing how most of them show measures in both inches and centimeters it is something you can carry with you even if you decide to move to a different continent. Definitely a smart investment.

3. Hammer
They say that when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail. Witty as this saying goes, it is quite far from the truth. In fact, a claw-hammer is a multi-purpose tool, which can be used for many different tasks. Apart from its standard use, the claw part can also be used to remove nails. In a case of need, it can also turn into a demolition tool or a highly efficient self-defense weapon. Finally, seeing how most claw-hammers come in the standardized size you can also use it as a measurement tool.

4. Bathroom Plunger
Speaking about household tools, this one is probably the simplest one to use. We are talking about a simple wooden handle with a rubber piece which are used to de-clog your toilet. One thing to remember though is that this tool is the most efficient when compressing water rather than air. This tip alone can make your job much easier.

5. Lawn Mower
Not all of these tools are something you use when things break. Some of them are simply necessary for regular home maintenance, and a lawn mower is a perfect example of how this works. Now, experts at Sydney power tools company, claim that the quality of your mower has a direct impact on how much you enjoy this chore. Such a notion is not to be taken lightly since it is in direct correlation with the neatness of your home’s exterior. Luckily, even the high-end ones aren’t that expensive.

6. Flashlight
No matter how well equipped or trained you are, if you can’t see, all your other tools will be rendered useless. Because of this, it is vital that your household has a flashlight. Even if you intend to call someone to fix your power outage, this would be difficult to achieve if you cannot find your phone. Furthermore, make sure that you always have a set of backup batteries at hand.

7. Utility Knife
Another thing you need in your household is a utility knife. You can do it for a wide variety of tasks like opening boxes, cutting duct tape and similar tasks. A great recommendation here would be to get a Swiss army knife, which you can use for even more mundane tasks like opening a wine bottle or clipping your nails. All in all, a handy thing to have.

All of these tools take little to no room to store and require virtually no maintenance. Furthermore, they are something you will probably have to buy once in your lifetime and then pass them. Sure, having them doesn’t mean you will be able to fix or upkeep your entire household on your own, but it does give you a chance to fix some minor problems.

Guest post courtesy of Alex Williams.

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