Tuesday, February 28, 2017

5 Bedroom Decorating Ideas Lover's Can't Help But Obsesses Over!

5 Bedroom Decorating Ideas Lover's Can't Help But Obsesses Over! | City of Creative Dreams

In the matters of the heart; you tend to like what your lover likes. Same goes for home décor ideas as well. If your lover is a fan of good home décor; chances are that you will always be on the hunt to adapt new bedroom décor ideas that can leave your lover startled and in awe of your creativity skills.
When you are in a relationship; your bedroom décor is a direct reflection of it and speaks volumes about how serious you take it. Since you are not single anymore; your bedroom décor should be modified in the same way so as to accommodate two people very comfortably.

Moreover, it should exhibit tons of style and luxury at the same time so that you and your lover can enjoy quality time with each other in a peaceful and lovely environment. Here are the top 5 smart bedroom decorating ideas that would make your lover just go gaga over your home décor skills in no time.

1. Choice of Colors:
Your choice of colors will say a lot about your personality. While you are in a relationship; it’s recommended to give your bedroom a more soothing and calm ambiance along with the blending in of light and dark color combinations.

Black and white themed bedrooms are also very much in trend so you can opt for this theme as well. Similarly, you can go for different shades of white to give your bedroom a more neat and organized look.

2. Furniture Items:
While deciding on what kind of furnishing items you should put in your bedroom; you need to buy in two. The main item is obviously the bed and the second most important item is the couch or the coffee table that you place in your bedroom.

These days, matte furniture is very much in trend so you can opt for that. Moreover, a beautiful leather couch is yet another luxury item to be placed in your bedroom where you can sit, talk or read your favorite books together.

3. Bedroom Accessories:
Without the right kind of bedroom accessories; your bedroom décor will be incomplete. These accessories include bedspreads, cushion sets or matching pillow sets along with throw away blankets or elegant white Ikea down comforter sets.

The kind of beddings that you will choose for your bedroom décor will leave your lover asking for more and he or she will be a fan of your bedroom for life.

4. Lighting Equipment:
The type of lighting accessories that you will place in your bedroom will determine how romantic and comfortable you want your bedroom to be for you and your lover.

Bedside lamps, corner standing lamps with beautiful lamp shades and reading lamps on the study table will contribute a lot to your bedroom décor.

5. Mirrors:
This is a relatively new trend which has become immensely popular over the recent years especially amongst those couples who love to place a giant mirror in their bedroom for that private experience that they intend to enjoy.

You should also opt for a beautiful decorative mirror which can be placed on the front wall of the bedroom facing the bed and it will look absolutely stunning.

Guest post courtesy of Julie Austin. She regularly blogs at http://mybedcomforter.com/

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