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Bedroom Trends We’ll Love in 2017

Bedroom Trends We’ll Love in 2017 | City of Creative Dreams

Many people consider their bedrooms to be their personal sanctuaries; a place where they can rest after a long day. That’s why your bedroom design should do just that ‒ help you unwind and feel at ease. Every new year brings new interior design trends that are anything but conventional, and this year is no different. From lovely colour schemes to a fascinating combination of materials, 2017 will definitely have something to offer to everyone planning to remodel their bedroom. Here are just a few ideas that can set you on a right track.

Smart Ideas for Small Bedrooms
The main purpose of a bedroom is to provide you with a good night’s sleep. While spacious bedrooms can also be the place where you’ll work, or do something else, small bedrooms are solely used for their main purpose. This year brings us some amazing new ideas for small bedrooms, and one of them introduces a sofa bed to your living space. If you don’t have a separate room to sleep in, you can turn your living room into a bedroom in a blink of an eye. This amazing modern piece of furniture is both trendy and practical. Choose a gray sofa, because this will be a very popular colour this year and it combines perfectly with other colours. 

For those who have a separate, but tiny bedroom, we suggest using light shades for walls and furniture. Light grey in combination with light green will open up the space and create a soothing ambiance. Light green walls, matched with gray furniture, beige carpets, and hardwood floor are a perfect way to go if you wish to create a modern twist in your bedroom. 

Retro Vibe
Warm shades in combination with geometric shapes and lacquered surfaces will bring a real retro vibe to your bedroom. The latest bedroom trends will take you back to the timeless ‘60s and bring a bit of this iconic epoch to your home. Walls covered with geometric patterns in light gray and white, alongside white flooring and leather furniture are all the elements of this retro style. A velvet amaranth bed, with dramatic yellow and pink cushions combined with yellow nightstands and a beige carpet, can perfectly contrast warm brown walls and light cacao floors.

Luxurious Materials
Leather, brass, and marble are maybe not the most typical materials you’d expect to see in a bedroom, but 2017 puts them under the spotlight. Headboards covered in leather, alongside a nightstand with a marble top create an elegant look while expressing quality. Marble floors can look really chic, so hire a team of professional extension builders to install this luxurious upgrade. However, keep in mind that bedrooms are all about comfort and relaxation, so soft textile should prevail in these rooms. Whether you go for linen, leather, velvet or cotton, be sure to pick those in warm natural colours to achieve a cozy feel. For those who would like to have the best of both worlds, we suggest steel, brass, marble and leather combo that will connect nature with luxury. A combination of marble floors, leather bed, brass lamps and wooden wardrobes will create a warm atmosphere while making your bedroom unique. 

Final Thoughts
2017 will be the year of comebacks, but also a time for innovations. The materials and colours that are not usually combined will be paired in this year’s bedroom design ideas. Dramatic and bright colours of the '60s and ‘70s, combined with earthy tones will bring the interior design to a whole new level. 


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