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Interior Design Tips for the Ultimate Fashion-Lover

Interior Design Tips for the Ultimate Fashion-Lover - City of Creative Dreams

When it comes to home décor, one often hears that the best possible option is to style up your interior according to your own tastes and personal picks. While this is a great piece of advice, some people might find it a bit difficult to visualize their perfect living space. In that respect, there’s hardly more useful insight into your dream interior design than your wardrobe. This is especially true for those of you who are very particular with your fashion style. The way you present yourself to the world can become the ultimate guide to your home decoration and design.

Minimal appeal
If your outfits mostly consist of basic pieces and colors, very clean lines and forms with just an occasional pops of color, and a handful of accessories, you can use the same aesthetics in your personal environment. In that sense, minimal modern home décor would suit you perfectly. Black, white, beige and gray are most commonly used in minimalist décor. If you want to, you can break this basic look with pattern-free, bright accessories such as rugs, curtains, and cushions. If you don’t enjoy wearing fashionable accessories too much, you don’t need to concern yourself with those in your interior either. A plant pot as well as a few important keepsakes, and photos would definitely resonate with your fashion sense best.

Pattern craze
In case you thoroughly enjoy rocking various patterns in your outfits, you’ll definitely find pleasure in similar surroundings. There’s no specific style limitation when it comes to introducing patterns into your home décor. In general, you can easily refresh the look of your home by using detailed self-adhesive wallpaper for accent walls and even doors. When it comes to furniture, decoupage technique is undoubtedly a great way to express the same creativity you show in your fashion style. Patterned accessories and details can look absolutely amazing as well. You can also add warmth to hallways and other plainer parts of your home with a unique Flatweave Runner Rug or wall tapestry. 

Boho all the way
Boho fashion style has made a grand comeback. If you, too, love outfits inspired by the Bohemian trend, you can apply the same approach to your interior home design. Of course, there are different takes on boho fashion. If you can’t get enough of colors in your outfits, you can also play with various color combos in your personal environment. If you’re more of a flower child yourself, let your décor be nature-inspired as well. Look for inspiration in Zen and Japanese design trends if your boho fashion and life’s principles are all about simplicity and mindfulness.

Pure elegance
There’s no one single way to look and feel elegant. Your personal take on femininity as well as your sensibility will highly influence your elegant fashion. You may find lady suits to be most flattering and glamorous. On the other hand, Paris street fashion may be your idea of perfect elegance. Also, there’s nothing wrong with rocking fabulous dresses and pumps on an everyday basis. Depending on what floats your elegant boat, you can make the most out of your home interior as well. In general, modern style with effective statement pieces can truly transform your home. Toned down shabby-chic vibe can look very soft, feminine and princess-like as well. Also, Scandinavian home décor can be just the thing you’re looking for in your pursuit of an elegant lifestyle. 

Alternative fashion
If you wear your personality in every sense of the word, you probably identify with alternative fashion trends most. Kawaii Barbie fashion-lovers can definitely find joy in pastels and pinks when it comes to home décor, too. Those who belong to Goth and other similar subcultures should definitely consider vintage and even medieval-inspired décor style. And if you’re an artistic soul, don’t be afraid to turn your home into a real canvas, and broaden your artistic expression to the interior design as well.  

Life is too short not to take the chance to transform your home into your personal piece of heaven. Through fashion, you can get the best idea on what type of interior design would feel most productive and mood-lifting for you. Therefore, take a look at what you have on before you decide what you’d like to have around. 

Guest post courtesy of Elise Morgan.

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