4 Helpful Tips Before Actually Choosing Your Wedding Venue

4 Helpful Tips Before Actually Choosing Your Wedding Venue | City of Creative Dreams

Its time, its moment that you have been waiting for… the ring! Now you have a billion things to get done. What are you going to wear? Who is coming to your wedding? How much is this all going to cost? But most importantly, where are you going to have the wedding? That’s right, yes the dress is important but you need to wear that dress at a location. Where do you even begin the process of finding the perfect wedding venue location? Today I will be sharing tips to help you prep before you go searching to find the perfect venue.


Before finding a venue you need to know how much you can spend on it. It is crucial that you know in advance of searching because you do not want to fall in love with a location that is out of your reach. Know your budget, if someone is helping you pay for the wedding then you also need to stick to what they are offering. Lending is great but is does at most time, and believe me I have seen this issue over a hundred times that when you have certain family members helping it comes with strings attached aka they have a say in your wedding. So decide if you want to save money yourself or having some help.


The amount of guest you have can affect the venue that you choose. It good to at least know your maximum amount of people you will have. You will get 100 friends and family members and your soon to be husband will get 80 people he is allowed to invite or however way you decide this will go. Traditionally, the couple will get half of the wedding guest to decide on and parents/inlaws will split their half to invite. On average people invite between 120-200 guests. If you want a larger wedding you may want to have 300 guests or have only 50-80 for a smaller wedding.

Be realistic to who you choose to invite, don’t go inviting every single person you have ever met since childhood. The people you are close with are who matter most. So you should probably take the mailman off your list unless the mailman happens to be your best friend.


Finally, we are almost at home stretch. This is the time to decide where you want your venue. Is it going to be a destination wedding where you are saying “I do” with sand between your toes, sun shining in the blue sky and the ocean as your backdrop? or is it going to be a local sophisticated venue near home? It is an important decision because once you are on the same page of where you want your venue to be at then you can get searching.


Grab that computer because it is time to get searching! Now that you have decided on the budget, guest and where you want to have your venue in, you can research wedding venue locations. Check out WeddingWire, an online wedding planning tool, to help you choose your venue. Will you choose an NYC wedding venue or a Los Angeles wedding venue … so many to choose from. These days with a simple click on the computer you are bombarded with venues, however, you do not have to sweat because you have already accomplished the pre-deciding beforehand. You can also take a very cool quiz to see which wedding reception is right for you. It asks you all the right questions to help narrow your choose down. Once you have gotten your results you can look up those types of venues in your area!

The more you know about your wedding the more it is easy to find a venue. With the right budget, guest number and location, you are fully set to find the perfect wedding venue. Give yourself a top five list, list the pros and cons and be sure your wedding date is available before committing to a tour. You are all set! Happy venue searching!

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