Thursday, March 2, 2017

Gifts for Me: Positive Mug and Stylish Eye Mask

Gifts for Me: Positive Mug and Stylish Eye Mask | City of Creative Dreams

There comes a time in everyone's life when you want to buy something for yourself. No real reason at all, I mean we work hard and been through our ups and downs, our highs and our lows. Each person has their own problems, wifey problems, best friend problems, boyfriend problems, family problems and do not get me started on job problems so a little gift doesn't hurt. Now what to buy for yourself? Well, it can be anything really, I prefer things I can hold onto instead of a twenty minute spa day personally. During the beginning of the New Year, I bought this stylish eye mask and mug from Michaels Craft Store.

I have never been the eye mask kind of girl however, I couldn't resist this. I mean it is fluffy after all! Since I bought this as a BOGO deal I figure I would pass on this gift to someone I know could use a gift for herself just like me. I gave the eye mask to my mom who has been going through her own troubles. It not only made my day to give back but also make hers. 
I decide to get myself a mug, with positive wordings all over it. How can you not be happy with these words! I don't own a ton of mugs unlike most people (hey I am not judging) so, me getting one mug in my life will not make much dent in my kitchen space. 

Overall, I am happy to have a gift for myself. It is the matter of thinking about yourself for once in your life. We tend to forget the engine that runs us, we can focus on everyone around us and put us last. Last one to eat dinner or shower or go to bed because of our love for others. Don't forget to treat yourself once in a while, even if it is a mug or fussy eye mask, or even a pair of new thick heels, it is a gift from you, to you!

What is the latest gift you gave to yourself or one that you gave to a friend?

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