How to Create a Ultimate Schedule Kids Will Love

How to Create a Ultimate Schedule Kids Will Love | City of Creative Dreams

I am big on schedules however with all the work that I have been doing trying to balance life, sometimes finding the time to schedule everything can be a little difficult. Right now, I have my own wall schedule with everything between me and my little man plus planners. However, I wanted my son to have something for himself so that he could know what he should be doing at all time.

My friend recommended her visual aid schedule she has and it was perfect for my toddler son at the time. It made things so much easier and believe me when I say that even the meltdowns I usually got had diminished. My son loved looking at his visual schedule. He made sure we checked it every time I had asked him to do something. Here is how I created mine.

I bought this chalkboard from Michaels for $11.99

Next, I painted the board frame of the board with Deco Art – Dazzling Metallics (Vertertains Gold
Once the paint has dried, I was ready for the black Velcro. 
I used my measuring tape to make sure I cut the right amount of Velcro.

Next, I peeled the back of the Velcro and stuck it onto the chalkboard.

For the visual aids. I collected a ton from what I could find on Pinterest. From there it was easy to cut and crop the pictures that work for my life onto a Microsoft word document and print. You can find some to choose from for yourself here. Once that was done, it was pretty easy to self-laminate it with the sheet I use from Dollarama. Lastly, I stick a small piece of Velcro and have a simple designated bag for it to keep it organize.

My schedule for him is set up with the mornings on the top and the nights at the bottom. I loved the fact that having a schedule gives my little man a sense of independence. I no longer have to deal with the meltdown drama that comes around night time. I simply tell him that is on the schedule and he willing does the things that I ask. Oh, how I wish I started this earlier!

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