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How to Design a Perfect Closet

How to Design a Perfect Closet | City of Creative Dreams

Having a walk-in closet is probably every woman’s dream. There’s never enough space for our entire collection of clothes, so a closet that can basically be your other home is something we all crave for. However, designing the perfect walk-in closet with built-in storage is far from easy. Just thinking about whether you’d like to have more shelves, or predominantly racks, or if the drawers should be just in one corner of the room or not, makes your head spin. Therefore, be sure to think every step through before you embark on this journey to design the closet of your dreams.

Clean out the Clothes
The first step in wardrobe organization is decluttering. We all have those jeans that once fit perfectly, but no longer do and we’re keeping them only because maybe one day we’ll be able to zip them up again. The truth is, even if you get back to the size you once were, you can easily buy yourself a new pair of jeans instead of cramping the space with the old ones. Therefore, be sure to donate to charity everything you haven’t worn in a long time. Keep only the items that you wear regularly, as well as the classic pieces like blazers, cigarette pants, and pencil skirts that you could wear today just as well as in 10 years.

Use the Space You Need
Effective use of space is vital for your closet. If you do not make use of corners, higher and deeper parts of the room, you will not be able to maximize the space. Thus, invest in pull-out shelves and pull-down rods. The items will be easily accessible, and you won’t have to sacrifice much space for them. A custom corner hanging rod is a great choice that will help you use every inch of the space. Consider adding pull-out hooks as well, and organize your handbags easily with them. Boot rods, flat shelves, and angled shelves will be of great help for footwear storage. Don’t forget to maximize the vertical space as well, and try to fit at least two rods for hangers in the closet.

Install Ample Light
Quality lighting is crucial for a closet. The weaker the light the less you’ll be able to see how the clothes really look on you. Because of that, be sure to invest in some high-quality LED lights in hanging rods because they offer the best illumination. Their intensity is close to daylight, so if you install the lights into the rods, you’ll be able to see every part of your wardrobe perfectly and decide whether to wear a certain piece of clothing or not.

Add Mirrors
Not everyone has enough space in their home to afford turning an entire room into a closet, but you can always create some space in your bedroom, and you’ll have plenty more storage. Furthermore, sliding wardrobe doors with mirrors are a perfect addition that will help you maximize the space. However, if you do have enough space for a walk-in closet, be sure to decorate the room with mirrors as well, and create the unique boutique-like space.

Decorate It
What’s a fashionable closet without some statement furniture pieces? If you’ve chosen a white color for the walls, floors, and cabinetry, it would be amazing to add some pop of color to the rest. A turquoise chair and yellow accent pieces will really add a touch of vibrancy to the space. However, you could always embrace the chic clean look and go for white on white. Invest in a comfortable armchair, because you will be spending a lot of time in the closet trying out various pieces of clothing. Flowers, picture frames, and paintings on the wall can create a pleasant atmosphere and really make a comfortable place for you to be.  Additionally, think about adding rugs and carpets as well. If the light gray tones prevail in the closet, a black, light pink or white rug would look really stylish.

A walk-in closet of your dreams can become a reality in no time. Just be sure you know how much space you can use, and don’t waste an inch of it. Think well about maximizing the space, and have plenty of mirrors; decorate the closet with some statement furniture as well, install proper lighting and your dream closet will be ready.


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