How to Get The Most Out of Your City: City Sightseeing Toronto

How to Get The Most Out of Your City: City Sightseeing Toronto | City of Creative Dreams

When you live in your city it is very easy to not explore it. We used to explore the city a lot more when we were younger, either with our parents or on field trips, however, why does it have to stop right there. When was it the last time you went to the zoo or museum without bringing your kids? Not at much as we would like, so my friend and I thought “Why not tour the city on a double-decker bus? Why not tour our city?

We booked our tickets online at the City Sightseeing Toronto bus. It is little cheaper to buy it online. Next, we took the subway to Union Station, little did we know that the stop was located in the middle of the tour. It was a good thing that we called because the starting point of the tour actually started at Dundas. This was the last bus tour of the day and we only had a half an hour to get there. With minutes to spare we arrived on time, got our tickets at the information booth and got our booties in the seats up top.

This day was the best day ever to go because it was the first day of the month that was not freezing, it felt like a beautiful spring day. I left the house wearing sunglasses, light rain coat and a winter hat to keep my hair from blowing into my face. When I say that I wanted to go to the top of the bus, I mean busy, I had to come with my A-game because nothing was going to interfere with my tour, not wind, not rain and not sun.

Our tour guide was fabulous with jokes and the information about the city. I only lived here for maybe seven or more years so learning all that I did about how this city got its many nicknames, what happened before Casa Loma became a museum and how to tell if you are a tourist or not all by how you say Toronto.  

We drove past the CN tower and learned that there are way too many stairs to get to the tip top. We also stopped by the harborfront which is my favorite spot in the city! I am a sucker for water mixed in with the city. I could have stayed in that section all day. After that, we were on the journey back to where everything all started, back to where this journey all began.

I have been to many parts of downtown and never truly realize how connected everything is. It was an amazing tour of the city that I am happy that I could be apart of. Like I said before, we can live here for years and not really explore where we are. Things change constantly, lives get busy but it nice to know the background of buildings and spots that we constantly walk by. It brings perspective to the everyday things.

I would take a tour again, in fact, I may just take a tour every trip I take when I travel. It is the best way learn. Worth every penny!

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