How to Get The Most Out of Your City: Botanical Garden

How to Get The Most Out of Your City: Botanical Garden| City of Creative Dreams

I really want Spring to be here if I am already going to a Botanical Garden. It may sound weird being in winter and all but I wanted for my little man and me to go for a walk over his March break. It is different than just going for a walk down the street. We made the effort to get outside and walk through nature. Yes, I wish it was warmer, however, not a lot of people were around and it was still a nice blue sky day.

If I had my own home, I would love a greenhouse like this!


I tend to walk to the bus, to work, and you will never believe the amount of walking I do in a day just going through life, however, to slow down and actually breathe in the fresh air is very rare. It gave me a moment to look around and to take in life’s moments. I don’t do enough of that. It’s defiantly not easy with the many things that I need to get done, spinning within my head.

The semi frozen waterfall was a sight to see. It looked absolutely beautiful with the water next to the snow. The rock standing firm as the water slides and falls. I could only image how wonderful this waterfall looks when the flowers start to come in. I have to say that regardless of what season we are in, waterfalls always looks spectacular.

Loving this camera of mine, I should really start taking it out more. I captured so many photos that I really don’t know what to do with them all. What may look like a simple bridge or a simple tree always gives me a new preservative. I can’t help but take a picture of what I find is beautiful. The camera just captures what I see and what I should appreciate more everyday.

Overall, it was nice to whip out the camera. It was relaxing just being with my little man and enjoying the outdoors. He really enjoyed himself as well. I think that I may just add it to my list of things that I should do more often!

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