Shopping Finds: Tween Coloring Books

Shopping Finds: Tween Coloring Books | City of Creative Dreams

So we all know that I spend a little too much time at Michaels however, I can only justify my spending by stating that I do save money. I don’t save as much as I would if I hadn’t bought these things in the first place but it is a win for me! Like most people, my little sisters are into coloring and drawing. I recently came across these tween coloring books and sets that I had to get my hands on. Coloring, in general, is a huge trend these days especially with adults and they make great gifts!

Each book cost $7.99 each, there is a city, unicorn, pattern and snack book that you can choose from. Since I find that my sister likes to say “I am starving!” dramatically all the time, this would be the perfect coloring book for her.

The kit cost a lot more, it cost $29.99! Yeah, I know. Who would think that coloring could cost me so much? Thank goodness I had a 50% coupon or else I would have left that right at the store. The reason why I really liked this kit was because of the lap desk that it comes with. It is perfect for my little sister when we are on the road or waiting in an office. She has the freedom to draw on a desk regardless of where she is. Perfect!

Overall, my sisters loved their gifts. I may have snuck in a session of coloring myself. 
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