Simple Essential Oil Storage Box

Simple Essential Oil Storage Box | City of Creative Dreams

Are you hooked on essentials oils? I know that I am. There is a whole new world that everyone is buzzing about and I am all for it. I recently bought my son a defuser because I find that my little man coughs a lot in the night. It came with a ton of essential oils that I am super excited about, however, there are a ton of little bottles that now needs a home.

I had my eye on this raw wood, glass box from Michaels Craft Store for a while now. It would eye it every time I was there thinking of ways I could use this. I love the glass that is around it. It cost around 11.99 or so for it. I originally thought about using it for my small craft paint bottles but it was too large for this box. You can only imagine my happiness when I realized I could use it for these oils!

Now I am all for a little glam and what is more glamorous than champagne! Not the drink but the paint color. Decor Art Dazzling Metallics are my go to. All you really need is a simple brush that can even be your kid’s paint brush. Nothing too fancy.

There really is not much of a wait time with craft paints. I think I waited less than five minutes. The results of just a little paint make a huge difference. The metallic paint gives it that extra pop to an already awesomely glamorous color.

Finally, we are to the part when I can put my essential oils into to the storage box. What is my favorite one? There are so many to choose from! I really love lavender, it is absolutely calming and relaxing plus it smells fantastic. It helps me on the stressful mommy days that happen ever so often or when work can get hectic, or just when life itself is crazy. Lavender is definitely the calm to my crazy.

Right now there is no order on how I placed the bottles. I personally did not feel like I needed to label the base of the box since I know that I will be planning on getting more essential oils. Since my storage box has glass around the outside of the box it makes it easy for me to see the essential oil that I want. It also helps that I place the ones I use the most towards the front of the box. Okay so I admit, I have a little order arrangement.

This is a great way to display your oils too. There are many styles out there to choose from, all you really have to do is type it into Pinterest and inspiration will flood your way. How do you store your oils right now? Do you have a special box, a shelf or a cute bag for yours? I would love to hear it. I am still a beginner so having a box like mine is a perfect size for me. Others who are more advanced in this oil journey may not want such a small case because their collection would be too huge for this small case. They may have a shelf or a wall unit for it.

Even though I did not build this box from scratch, I did, however, make the effort make it my own with paint. Even something like a paint can really make it feel like your own. As if it was customize just for my benefit. You can do the same!

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