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Top Hobbies to Learn this Spring

Top Hobbies to Learn this Spring | City of Creative Dreams

While some New Year's resolutions have come and gone by March, it is never too late to start a new hobby. They do not have to cost a lot of money. All that is necessary is to choose something that would be fun and interesting to do. An online article from Inc.com reports that having a hobby can contribute to a successful life. Whether it is indoors or outside, hobbies enrich lives and make family time more valuable. This spring is a perfect time to choose an engaging hobby. Here are some hobbies that may pique your interest:


Ever since prehistoric humans painted primitive stories on their cave walls, painting has been a popular past time. There are several mediums from which to choose, from watercolors to oil paints. You can’t paint your own picture, use paint to jazz up old furniture, or even make your own decorations. You do not have to be Leonardo Da Vinci or Picasso. Just paint the things that you enjoy. Most department and craft stores have any supplies that you would need. If you are really serious about painting, you may consider taking an art course at your local university. Some specialty art shops also offer painting instructions. You can fill your walls with lovely paintings that you did yourself.

Learn A Musical Instrument

It is never too late to learn how to play an instrument of your choice. You may have some training from band classes or piano lessons as a child. Now would be the perfect opportunity to make some music in your home. Quality pre-used instruments can be found for a bargain from private buyers, pawn shops, or flea markets. You can hire a professional teacher or get free tips from YouTube. With some practice and patience, you can become a good musician.


Have you ever visited an Amish craft store and seen some of the prices of their handmade quilts? A lot of time and effort go into these colorful heirlooms. If you have some basic sewing skills, you can learn how to quilt. There are a plethora of patterns and colors from which to choose. You can choose from fleece fabric to bright cottons. Not only will you be creating a work of art, but they will keep your family warm on a cold winter’s night. Many fabric shops offer quilting classes for nominal fees.


There have been knitted artifacts found that date back to 12 CE Egypt. Knitting uses pointed needles to create cloth from wool yarn. For generations, people have knitted clothing, hats, and craft items. Today, knitting has experienced a revival that includes men and women of all ages. It is a fun pastime of royalty and celebrities, such as Kate Middleton and Ashton Kutcher. After taking a few knitting lessons, you will find out how relaxing it can be. Many people carry their knitting with them if they have to wait in line or in a doctor’s office.


There is no shortage of cooking shows and podcasts on television and the Internet. Everyone from famous restaurant chefs to country music legends are dishing up their favorite foods for the cameras. Unless you eat at restaurants for every meal, you have to do some amount of cooking at home. This may be the year that you branch out from plain grilled cheese sandwiches to scrumptious paninis. You and your family can have a good time learning how to make foods from different countries and cultures. Make your kitchen your favorite place to be! There are plenty of places to start with incredible recipes, right here on City of Creative Dreams!

Ballroom Dancing

Join the ranks of the dancing stars and put some music on your feet. A whole new generation is learning how to waltz, tango, and do the cha-cha. Taking ballroom dancing classes is a romantic way of bonding with your partner. It is also good exercise.

There is no reason you have to be bored this spring. Finding a new hobby can brighten your days and expand your life. You can learn how to make things to give as gifts or to sell for extra money. You can also share your new knowledge and skill with someone else.

Guest post courtesy of Mia Morales.

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