Beautiful Ways to Refresh Your Decor for Spring

Beautiful Ways to Refresh Your Decor for Spring | City of Creative Dreams

Are you slowly awakening from your winter blues and finding your way out of the toasty blankets and fuzzy sweaters? As nature is slowly shaking off the final frosty residue, it’s the perfect time to think about decluttering your space to make more room for sunshine and fresh flower pots.

There are numerous simple ways of bringing your home to life with spring-inspired décor while staying on a reasonable budget and keeping in mind the character of your space. Let’s take a look at a few quick adjustments and style tips to make your home bloom in no time!

Pack away the snug
While the heavy blankets, scarves, pillows, curtains and covers kept you warm during winter, they will only suffocate your space as soon as the first rays of the sun start warming your home. Using lighter fabrics with soft, bright colors will give out an equally warm, yet liberating sensation in your rooms, without making them feel cluttered and stuffy. When spring sets in, less truly is more.
Playful colors

Without overpowering the predominant palette of your home, adding a splash of spring hues to your accessories and furniture will only brighten up your space and bring your rooms to life. A few flower pots here and there, a light, colorful rug in front of your sofa, or airy, subtle curtains will only emphasize the daylight and give your home a feeling of ample space and light

Fresh air

In addition to a stylish spring touch, a healthy flow of fresh air is what any room needs in order to look and feel comfortable and welcoming. But spring comes with plenty of allergens such as pollen, so keeping your windows open comes at a price. To minimize the effect of those pesky irritants, using air purifiers in the rooms where you spend the most of your time will allow you to have peace of mind when it comes to keeping your indoor air clean and fresh.


There’s a good reason for calling it spring cleaning! Take a day to empty your closets, thoroughly clean your entire home, refresh your kitchen with flower pots, pack away winter footwear and bring out your light wardrobe to get ready for the sunny days of spring. Use your storage to put away the unnecessary winter accessories, organize your space to suit your needs; in the end, you can always sell or donate the items you have no use for.

Indoor gardening
Spring is perfect for you to start growing several pots of fruits or vegetables that you can easily care for in your own home. For example, cherry tomatoes or lemons can always be a delicious addition to your menu, and they are superbly healthy and simple to grow. Now that your rooms have much more light and fresh air, you can grow your own flowers and edibles and make nature an integral part of your interior décor. Even if you are not fond of growing your own food, a simple bowl of fresh fruit on your kitchen table will instantly bring your space to life.

Add fragrances

Just like a few vanilla or cinnamon scented candles serve as an excellent addition to your winter days, spring is the perfect time to use more fresh, citrusy and light fragrances that will completely alter the atmosphere of your rooms. Even if you leave orange or apple peels on a warm surface, they will emit natural scents that will create a cheerful mood in your home. Freshly picked flowers can also add a special note of spring, but it’s always better to preserve nature by nurturing flowers in little pots so that they can keep brightening up your home all year round.

Get creative

If you feel like adding a personal touch to your design, you can always get a can of your favorite color and literally treat your home like a canvas. Even a single line, a handful of spots, or a corner with a unique abstract color pattern will be more than enough to liven up the room and get into the spirit of spring. It doesn’t take a professional hand to do the work; you can improvise on the spot or do some research to find out what would look best with your existing décor.

Spring truly is the most inspiring season of the year when it comes to getting creative with your home, so use the sunny days to bring more nature inside, and let your imagination do the rest!

Guest post courtesy of Stacey Cooper.
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