Give Your Home a Modern Look with These 6 Improvement Tips

Give Your Home a Modern Look with These 6 Improvement Tips | City of Creative Dreams

In a world where vintage and shabby chic are all the rage, giving your home a stylish contemporary look may make it look more or less unique. This is exactly what some people are all about. The best thing about this particular trend is that it offers a simple (almost minimalistic) approach to your home’s decoration, that will allow you to create maximum effect with minimum effort. Nonetheless, you must have a clear vision beforehand for this to work. Here are six ideas that might give your home that modern look you were hoping for.

1. Floating Cabinets

As we already mentioned in the introduction, one of the strongest features of the contemporary interior design is minimalism. This means that every item you place in your home needs to have maximum practicality. This is one of the reasons why modern styles favor floating cabinets so much. They take only as much place as they need to be functional. No more, no less.

2. Monochromatic White

It is a little-known fact that although all colors are used universally, some styles put a strong emphasis on certain hues. For example, going monochromatic white can give your home not only modern but in a way futuristic look. Doing so seems quite easy at first. All you need to do is paint your walls white, and go with white woodwork. For your seating, you can step out of the line for a bit and go with cream or light beige. The most important part, however, is yet to come. In order for all of this to work, you need to intensify the natural illumination of the room. Which means large windows, mirrors inside of a room and even looking for as light as possible curtains and blinds Perth retailers have to offer.

3. Stimulating Dining Room

A dining room is usually a place that doesn’t receive nearly enough attention as it should. Now, by studying the psychology of color you can make an area that is stimulating in the way you want it to be. For example, while colors orange and red stimulate appetite, hues like dark brown (dark wood) and black usually make you eat less. In this way, you can also use the décor in order to boost your nutrition ideas. In order to add a bit of the aforementioned functionality to the place, you could always go with some nice spice racks.

4. Organizing Open Floor

Nothing screams 21st-century design louder than an open floor home. Nonetheless, this is not something as easy to organize as you may believe it to be. First of all, there are no walls to separate different areas of the place, so you need to be resourceful and use sliding doors and area rugs instead. Luckily, this gives you an impression of your home being a vast empty space with these rugs as islands or planets around which your furniture revolves.

5. Bookcase Wall

If you always wanted to have one of those bookcase walls but never had the budget to buy a proper floor-to-ceiling built-in, you might want to consider a DIY solution. All you need to do is several smaller ones (of same and similar design) and stack them up accordingly. In case where you have some empty space, you may be forced to wing it a bit, but with so many interesting ornaments to choose from, this customization will probably look as something that was planned all along.

6. Contrast is Your Ally

Finally, you don’t have to fully equip your home in contemporary design in order to get this look. You can make a simple perception trick with contrast as your strongest ally. Simply put an item that depicts your design ideas the most and use it as a focal point. It’s surrounding, should be in different hue and texture and this will automatically draw all the attention towards it. This works similarly to the idea of painting an accent wall, which is yet another thin you may want to consider.

In Conclusion

The best part about the above mentioned five tips is that apart from being incredibly easy to pull off, they are also quite budget friendly. Remodeling your entire home in this manner would require you purchase one or few new items per room, which is not that much even for those on a tightest of budgets. Good luck and remember to have fun!

Guest post courtesy of Steven Clarke.
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