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Honest Kids Gummy MultiVitamin | City of Creative Dreams

Oh my goodness, I haven’t talked about Honest products in a long time. Today I am talking about one of my son’s favorite products and that is their kid’s multivitamin gummy. Now I talked about these before but that is when they had the hard ones. I made the comment that my son did not like the fact that is was hard and gave the suggestion to make it into a gummy and boy was I excited when they made that transition. You can believe that I added that to my Health and Wellness Bundle.

It was a fantastic upgrade for Honest company to make because my son doesn’t forget to take his gummy every day, He loves that it is in the shape of stars and can get enough of the flavor. I no longer have to chase him around with a hard pill or fight with him to take his vitamins. So happy! You can also buy it on its own without a bundle or get more for you buck and try the trial.

Honest Free Of:
soy, gluten, yeast, wheat, casein, 
gelatin, sodium, dairy, eggs, shellfish, 
artificial sweeteners, HFCS, 
artificial flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives

All natural
Trusted Brand
Great Flavor
My son loves it

Why not check out more eco-friendly, all natural and overall amazing products that you can be proud of with no worries. Want to try a sample? I have an invitation just for to get your own free sample pack. Here is your invitation from me http://honest.com/accept_invitation/70253  

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4 Replies to “Honest Kids Gummy Multivitamin”

  1. Honest does a good job bringing us products that are better for us. I love the cute little star shapes of these gummies.

    1. Me too, Stacie!

  2. These gummies look like they taste good, and kids would love them. I’m glad they don’t have all those bad ingredients in them like those other gummy multivitamins in stores.


    1. So true, Lou!

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