Wednesday, April 5, 2017


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I keep talking about change, I keep rustling in that topic because that is what I am going through. I may have said it before or even many times at this point but I say it because just like you I live it. It is the big changes that make an impact in life and can make you feel out of sorts or like your entire world is upside down. Mine is well a new job, new road route and more time. The last one sounds strange only because its what I have been asking for and now that I have it feels good. It feels like I can actually breathe instead of inhaling life's stresses. I almost feel guilty for feeling good. Weird huh.

My main point is that I am at the stage of settling in my change. I guess you can say I had my big light bulb moment. If you are going through a huge life changing, mind blowing, world stopper kind of change then I want you to remember that change is extremely scary but give it a little time and that scary feeling you once had settled down. Sometimes change really is for the better and what's happening right now is a the strand of a braid in our lives.

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