One thing no one likes is to be sick however to be sick and be a parent means pretty much nothing because it is work as usual even though you want to stay hidden under a mountain of pillows. I love that commercial when you see the sick parent tell the child that he/she is going to need a sick day and the baby is confused. It is so true. We can take a sick day from work but there are no sick days for parenting. When they do find a way to invent that, I am all for it. I felt so yucky and my little man had a fever and a cough. Mommy life only gets harder when both is sick.

To survive my sickness, I was uber happy that I had my essential oils. I bought three rollers from a now awesome friend and never looked back because I am now in possession of my own essential oil kit. Best decision ever! I can’t wait to show you all things I am trying with my oils!

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