Tips to Plan the Kitchen while Creating the Granny Flats Design

Tips to Plan the Kitchen while Creating the Granny Flats Design | City of Creative Dreams

When you are planning the Granny Flats design, it is important to take a look at the kitchen as it is one of the most vital places in your house. People spend a lot of time here to cook food and also uses it as a dining place during parties when lots of guests are invited. In order to enhance the appeal of the kitchen, there are few tips that have to be religiously followed and some of them are mentioned below:

Quality is the king:

While opting for the kitchen design, you should make sure that plumbing fitting is of top quality. For example, if the pipes running from the sink are of poor quality that will lead to water clogging. It is an unfortunate situation. However, by selecting the best material you can prevent the occurrences of such nasty surprises.


Prior to selecting the kitchen design, you need to discuss the issue with consultants who can provide sound advice. Dedicated kitchen installers go a long way in delivering impeccable results to the users. For instance, the presence of one touch faucet in the scheme of things is an amazing proposition for the customers. One doesn’t need to touch the tap to switch it on; therefore, the dirt doesn’t get transferred to the metal and water is not wasted, unnecessarily. In short, inclusion of the devices like this and much more, during customization, helps to keep the kitchen clean and just the way you want it to be.

Energy efficiency:

While designing the kitchen, one has to pay attention to the energy efficiency of the unit as this could lead to curtail of household bills. There are lots of options through which it is possible to make the kitchen optimize energy expenditure.

To start with, one should find the products that are not only affordable but also durable so that they last for a very long time. In case, wood is being used for construction, timber is one of the best possible options for the users since it is recyclable in the foreseeable future.

One of the most important aspects of the kitchen is the purchase of the energy efficient appliances like dishwashers, ovens, and refrigerators should be rated 5stars in order to economies bills.

According to the law, the retailers have to display the energy consumption of the product purchased. You can calculate the cost that it can be added to the bills before proceeding ahead. Another factor that has to be taken into account is the amount of light present in the kitchen. The area should be well served with big windows as they allow plenty of sunlight to come in. You do not need to use costly heaters to keep the room warm in the winter season.

Energy saving lightings could help to reduce the overhead expenditure of the household like installation of LED lights can improve the visibility without increasing energy expenses.

While using the granny flat designs, the focus should always be on quality and price. For instance, installation of the granite countertops doesn’t cost a fortune so, it can easily be accommodated within the budgetary constraints. In addition, changes in conventional layouts could also add to the appeal of the area. You can choose and add numerous attributes to the eclectic mix to make the kitchen more robust and that too at an affordable price. 
By using the above-mentioned tips, you can get an ideal kitchen for your flat, which will be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.
Guest post courtesy of Mary Mathis.
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