Emoji Lollipop Labels

It is that time of the year again, where I go and become the best sister ever for creating fun lollipop treats for my siblings for the last day of school. I know, I know… last day of school soon approaching, summer is right around the corner and I am just as shocked as you are. What I have realized is that I have four classes to create awesome unique labels for this year. I have now welcomed my son to the list because he started kindergarten. Which means for me is that I got to get started on these lollipops real quick and I think I came up with a very simple way to get things done faster.

For my youngest sister, I have decided to give her a emoji theme. Emoji stuff is everywhere right now. I have seen it in just about anything but most importantly my littlest is a bunch of emojis rolled up in one so this is a perfect theme for her. Here is how I created hers:

Here is how I created Emoji lollipop labels:

First, I bought myself some sticker paper. To be honest, I had no idea that this existed until I worked in a craft store but now that I know about it, it is the perfect item for my labels. I bought this Cricut 12 Sheet Sticker Paper from Michaels Craft Store for $12.99. I used Canva to design the emojis and then simply printed it out.

Next, since I don’t own a Cricut machine myself, I had to cut the emojis individually. Oh, the struggles of life not having a cutting machine lol.

If you look back on my other projects for the last day of school, then you would have noticed that I used to use tape for this part. Since this is sticker paper, the sticky side is done for me. Now all I need to do is, peel the back and stick it onto my lollipops.

Aren’t these cute-o-lious! I can’t wait for my little sister’s class to see them on the last day of school.

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