How to Create a Warm Atmosphere in your Home

warm atmosphere


Your home can look like an unfamiliar territory at times. After a hard day’s work, all you want to do is to curl up on a couch in the room that will make you feel protected. More often than not, we have a tendency to forget what genuinely creates this feeling – a personal touch that turns your home into a warm place filled with comfort.

If you feel this “room you call your own” needs to have some work done before you can truly embrace it as your oasis, here’s what you should do to create this warm atmosphere.

Change The Color Of Your Walls

Do you feel the walls are enclosing you? Maybe you should slap on a new lick of paint so its colors will create the ambiance you will enjoy once you return home. After all, it can be a pretty straightforward job – just cover the floor and the furniture and swish around with that brush like Caravaggio.

Be careful about what sort of color you are choosing before you proceed to this part – different shades and textures mean different things to different people. Use two or three different colors, but make sure they do not clash aesthetically with the floor and the furniture. In fact, if you have time, you can go even further than a coat of paint and truly diversify the appearance of your wall. Various wallpapers are an interesting option, and making a truly personal statement by printing quotes or entire pages from your favorite books on the walls is something that is guaranteed to make you feel at home.

Fill Your Rooms With Objects That Have Meaning
People tend to push wrong things into storage. Items with history, especially the ones related to the crucial moments in your life, can add the warm feeling to your home. Souvenirs from travels and even furniture tend to end up “on the chopping block”, and we are constantly tempted to keep buying new furniture and new things which we mindlessly put in the forefront (until the new ones come, and the circle repeats itself)
However, just stop and observe for a minute. Maybe some of those objects, be it an old ottoman, a replica of the legendary ship could be reintroduced in your living room. This might make your living space stuffier, but there’s always a sound method or a two to declutter your home.
Proper Lighting is a Crucial Element
Once the lighting system is installed, there’s not much one can do without turning it into a huge undertaking. However, if you are keen on making your home a warmer place, we suggest you start with this – replace the LED lights with incandescent light bulbs. They have a more homely and gentle shine to them. Moreover, their light is warmer – giving off that irreplaceable yellowish gleam those coarse LED lights usually lack.
You can also buy a few floor lamps. What’s so amazing about them is that there is an overwhelming palette of creative choices to choose from. You are bound to find the lamp that speaks to you and reflects your character. Placing these lamps in a few right corners can make all the difference in the world. You can also choose from a variety of stunning pendant lighting solutions, throw in a few scented candles here and there, and mostly rely on these “smaller” sources of light to create just the right amount of warmth in your home.
Rearrange the Furniture

Both you and your guests should feel as comfortable as possible in your home. The atmosphere can feel off due to the impractical or downright wrong arrangement of furniture. Keep those couches and armchairs close together and have enough stands and mini-cabinets within your reach, and you are off to a good start. A room with furniture kept tightly together has a more intimate, warm atmosphere to it. You can always find inspirations online if you search for houses that are for sale. people tend to create a warm atmosphere when they are trying to sell their house.If you do this right, your house will look like a stunning display house and everyone will be amazed by the look of it.

This is your home and you should have no qualms about how it looks. Throughout history, people endured through many hardships to give birth to a civilization that values personal space above anything else, and after a long day of contributing to that civilization, you should return to a home that makes you feel warm and confident.

Guest post courtesy of Emma Joyce.


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