10 Amazingly Creative Bachelorette Tee Phrases Out There

Are you ready to party bachelorettes? Wait you have to wear something! There are some amazingly creative bachelorette tees phrases out there. That even non-bachelorettes would love to wear. I am pinning as we speak… can you say add this to My Future Wedding Pinterest page… I say yes!  Come on we all have one and if it’s not on Pinterest then it’s definitely in our heads lol. Before the walk down the aisle, we have to stop to have some fun. Not too much fun but just enough to make it a night worth remembering.
The night does not start until you are ready. You cannot walk out the door without a fantastic outfit and all the ladies who are ready to party have had a great phrase to tag along on the ride.

Here are some that I have come across!

Have you thought about your color choice? Most like the black and white combo when it comes to the bachelorette tees but who says you can’t go outside the box and have a little color. It doesn’t have to be a blinding neon color (unless that is how you roll!) but a try to choose a light color palette when deciding.
What I can say for sure is that you cannot go wrong with metallic style wordings. Gold, rose gold and throw a little glitter in there… umm yeah! Those are really on trend right now and we can see why. If you really want to stand out, try having images on your tee such a Minnie Mouse ears. You know it’s a Disney wedding when you see the mouse ears!


Last but not least we all see this trend everywhere. Mermaid everything! The inner child exploding in food, Starbucks drinks, hair, and fashion. Do I really have to say more? You get the point. Just when you think you have seen it all, you haven’t thought it would even be a bachelorette tee until now. I think Ariel would be so proud!

Check out what everyone is obsessed with!

There you have it 10 Amazingly Creative Bachelorette Tee Phrases Out There! We talked about using light color palettes if you don’t want to go with classic black and white tees. Also, we talked about the color of wordings and how to make it unique by adding a photo. Lastly, I shared the most obsessed with trend out there that even made it to my t-shirt list. Think you can top that? Can you think of any that would be amazing to have on a tee? I would love to hear it! Share below!

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