5 Ways to Add Creative Personal Touch to Your Wedding Ceremony

How to add creative personal touch to your wedding ceremony? I am sharing five ways you can add your own spin to your wedding and even get your guest involved in the love affair. Why be the same as everyone else when you can be uniquely different. Try something new or take something old and turn it into a new idea. Wedding ideas are always growing and always involving so get out there and let’s explore on a way you can get that very goal.

Welcome Sign

Welcome signs are hitting up a storm lately with its creativity that ties into the wedding. It is the sign that greets your guest since you are not there to personally do it yourself. You are way too busy getting ready for the main event to have time to also greet each and everyone you have invited and even the ones you secretly wish you did not have to invite. A simple sign will do the trick, check out some of these creative welcome signs that will surely give your guest a well needed hello.


Reserve Seats

Woah, Woah, Woah! Back away from the seat. We all have VIPs in our family that has to have the best seats in the house. Without having to spend a boat load to provide a security guard to keep those seats from being stolen from your coworker from your last job or aunt Josie who hasn’t seen or talked to you since you were two years old, you can get creative or buy a reserved seat sign. Not only does it bring a smile to your very important people but it also shows them that you want them close to you on your big day.


Unplug Sign

Unplug signs have been a trend lately because everyone is always on your phones. (Sorry, let me put down my phone for this.) We all know we are guilty of being on Instagram or Pinterest or whatever else that keeps our fingers on the screen. Lately, the couples want your full attention, not your phones up in the air but your face. They want to see you because they invited you and not your phone to spend time with them while they get married. You have the phone for the rest of your lives because you can afford you put your phone down for a half an hour. Bask in the moment. #stayinthemoment



Programs have graduated from being a simple piece of card stock and transformed itself into a fan to inform you and cool you down from the hot day. Genius! Some couples have even decided to skip the card stock completely and have a grand sign that not only saves money as well as the planet but does it job great of adding something new to the space. There are many different ways to incorporate a ceremony program, my favorite by far is the popcorn bag one. Why not have a snack and watch a real life romance movie!


Extra Awe

What is extra awe? It is the things that no one really thinks about doing that gives the guest some love doing the ceremony and gives them that moment to say “Awe” or “That’s so sweet”. Yes, it is a day about the bride and groom but it is the little things that show them that they truly care about their guest being there apart from the favors. If you know that you are having your guests in the blinding sun for a while, why not have a pair of sunglasses for them or a nice blanket for if it is in the colder season. It’s the little extra awe that gives a ceremony some extra attention.
So what did you decide on? Are you going to decide on a welcome sign, reserve sign, unplugged sign, out of the box wedding programs or try out some extra awe ideas? Regardless of what you decided on for your personal touch for your ceremony its all about having everyone enjoy themselves in that moment of time. Get creative or buy something that looks creative because it is all about the moment, remember that!
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