7 Popular Stunning Photos Styles for Before Your Wedding Ceremony

Thinking about doing before the wedding photos but have no idea where to start? There are at least seven popular stunning photos styles for before your wedding ceremony that I can think of. Why are couples so into these before the wedding style of photography? A simple reason is that it brings an extra level to their wedding. I love the little details in capturing photos of the bride putting on her dress or the groom putting on this jacket. We all have a photo with your parents before the wedding but how about a creative fun photo of you and the groom before the wedding? These are awesome ways to see the groom without seeing the groom or completely throw the traditional script and capture the moment when you see the groom before walking down the aisle. Here are some styles to consider:

The Gown / Tux

Photos of the dress and tuxedo will always be a must have. It will always be a trend because you want a beautiful photo of it on the big day either hanging on a mirror or door or next to a pair of shoes spread across your bed. If that is not for you, then how about you holding the gown or you putting on the gown. Those are first moments that you will want a picture of.


The Parents

Completely classic and traditional to have the bride and groom take pictures with their parents. It is a special moment to have with your family because they were the ones to raise you up and now you are getting married. It is such a touching moment for both the parents and the couple to have as a thank you for all that they have done for you.



The Hideaway

I think the hideaway style of photography is so creative. Your main point is to be together yet apart so that no one sees each other. There are literally many things you and your mate can hide behind but it is the simple act of being right behind them or up a stairwell that really takes the cake. The distance also helps for couples who know that they can’t help but take a peak but still want to do the picture style anyways. In cases such as that, have your photography help by keeping the groom distracted during the photo session.



The Back to Back

Back to back! It keeps the mystery alive, especially since your mate is right there, inches away from seeing you but you can’t. Oh, so fun teasing! It is also a way to calm the nerves a bit before you both go down the aisle. As much as you love each other, it is still a big event in your life, in front of friends and family and making sure you don’t trip and fall or embarrass yourself can be on the list of worries but having that moment to at least hold your partner’s hand can do wonders in calming your worries.

The Covering or Blindfolding Eyes

Covering your eyes or blindfolding can hep out those who love a little suspense and creative fun. This style is able to be versatile in you choose in the matter. You can hide behind the groom or steal a kiss while he is blindfolded or even have this concept become a group setting. Make it completely fun and you!

The Door


You can’t see me! This door between the couple is such a great trend. It has that same concept as back to back and eye covering but without having to close your eyes. The door provides that shield between you two. Here is your chance to have a sweet conversation towards each other to calm the nerves or you can read a letter that you wrote to each other. Writing letters for each other to read before the wedding is the sweetest! You may ruin your make up a little but it is totally worth it.


The Surprise

1,2,3 open! This is for the out of the box couple who doesn’t care about the traditional only see the bride at the aisle types. Skip the door and the hideaway and be exposed. Capture the moment when you two see each other for the first time before the ceremony. Find a nice area and open your eyes. The first moments raw second of when the two of you see each other makes the most memorable photo.

Those were the seven popular stunning photos styles for before your wedding ceremony. Were there any that you have to try? I know that I am loving all of them! If you are already married, is there any that you wish you had done when you got married? I want to know, tell me below!

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