Why I Started Using Essential Oils? + Get a Free Oil Sample!

why i started using essential oils?

Essential Oils! Have you noticed that everyone is using essential oils? I have seen it everywhere… bloggers, moms, and parents… oh my! So, what is so trendy about essential oils? What is making everyone want to talk about it? What is causing people to go bananas over oils and even jumping into a business with them? The answer is pretty simple, essential oils are a natural multi-tool for everything. Each oil is capable of solving a multitude of issues from health to cleaning to helping your inner self.

When I was pregnant with my son, I started really focusing on natural products. It was then, I desired only those products because that was only that time when I was really concerned about what was going into my body and onto my body. I mean I was responsible for a life other than my own and I wanted what was best for us. To be 100% honest, I hadn’t thought too much about the many chemicals before that. I was team green! Loved recycling and turning my thumb green. I thought recycling was more of my main concern, if I recycle then I am good but then I turned a corner and realized hey I was blinded for so long. It moved me to start looking at the backs of bottles and wonder “What is this? What is that? How do I even pronounce these things?

That got me really thinking about everything from creams, soaps to cleaning products. What am I really exposing myself to? If I don’t know what the ingredients are in these popular or lowest priced products then what am I putting in or on my body? It was my big AH HA moment in life and ever since I strive to share natural options to everyone because it actually benefits us not just widening pockets of companies who know they are putting chemicals in us.

Why I Started Using Essential Oils? + Get a Free Oil Sample

Why I Started Using Essential Oils?

What really pushed my into essential oils would be my friend. I was telling her that my son coughing a lot at night and since we share a bedroom it was hard to sleep at night and still wake up to go to work the next day. I did not want to only rely on his puffer so I wanted a natural solution. She recommended getting a humidifier and dropping few drops of eucalyptus oil. I did just that! And it helped my son a lot.

Essential oils are another avenue that I use to help stay on the natural course. I love that one oil can suitable for different things. I love lavender! Love, love, love it because it is so calming and this girl needs that when I am a busy, working mom and a busy blogger. It also helped me when I was sick. I used peppermint and lavender when I had a headache and PanAway & Copaiba.


How about you? Want to oil your life?



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