Top 3 Key Stunning Designs for your Destination Ceremony

destination ceremony

The ceremony is what is the main focus of getting married and when you take that beautiful moment and place it at a fabulous destination it only makes the moment more special. Don’t you think? How do you decorate a ceremony? Where do you start? What do you want? It’s all about the decor design! You don’t want to take away from the moment but you also want something too fantastic to hold on at your ceremony. Am I hearing this right?

So let’s talk about decor for it. Let’s get pinning for inspiration while getting some key decor designs for when you are planning on decorating your ceremony. I personally love getting the most out of your money while keeping the decor spectacular. Here are three key design aspects for your ceremony towards getting a stunning destination wedding.

The View

Let the view do all the talking for you. Nothing it more beautiful than a view being the backdrop on your wedding day (except the bride of course).  We can be honest though, you choose a destination wedding because of the view. You wanted that mouth drop to your feet moment in your wedding for you and your guest to drool over. So the ceremony’s backdrop is your first key for a stunning wedding. Do you want to hear that ocean waves by the beach like most brides or do something grand and different like having your ceremony on top of a hill overlooking winery or incredible green view?
Sometimes the best view comes at a price, which is true in most cases. You can though, use the view to your advantage. Think about using the view as a location not only for your wedding ceremony but also a double site to be your reception location as well. A two for one deal!



You may be seated… at the main focus of the event. Seating may not be such a big deal to most brides but it does seat your guest who is there to witness your big day. There are so many different types of chairs and seating to choose from than your basic folded up chair with sponge padding. I think the creativity is key when choosing your seating. Either make your chairs stand out over your decor or have decor stand out. You don’t want to overwhelm the space with too much because it will take away from the beauty you are trying to accomplish. Plus remember this is not the space you will be spending all of your time at.
Want to make your chairs stand out? Try some of these trends: add beautiful fabric to cover your chairs, add chiffon in-between the back of your chairs. Having chairs as your seating makes it easy to transition and reuse your chairs for the reception. If you want something that is outside of the box than a chair then think about getting something completely unique such as a bench with fluffy pillows, blankets to lay on the grass in a garden or hay bales with a blanket on it.


The decor for your aisle is really what everyone sees before they are seated. There is really a lot you can do when it comes to decor such as flowers along sides of the aisle, flower peddles, candles, lanterns and of course an aisle runner are the usual traditional go-to. Play with color to really gives it some eye-catching sections then let the rest complete the picture.

With your view, your seating and your decor you are on the right path to creating your stunning design. Either if you go with a more simpler approach to your destination ceremony or go extravagant, take the breathtaking destination with each gaze and enjoy every minute of your ceremony.

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