Have you ever felt like you have dreams are right there in front of you but you are at a standstill because you just don’t have a lot of money to get where you want to be? At City of Creative Dreams, I provide affordable solutions for achieving your dream lifestyle. Create your dream life! I am talking about dream home, dream wedding and/or dream of having a natural lifestyle. I know that I am not the only one out there searching for affordable solutions and a better lifestyle. What my readers love most is that these are simple inspiration filled with creativity and beneficial knowledge that anyone can use in their lives. There is no pressure only the refreshment of achieving your big or small dreams. So, I ask you, what dream do you want to concur today?

Where Should I Start?

Shanice Bannis - About Me | City of Creative Dreams
Shanice Bannis - About Me | City of Creative Dreams

Life for me was planned out. I had a plan on what I wanted and where I wanted to go. Suddenly I found out I was having a baby and my world flipped upside down….at least that is what I thought. However, sometimes things happen for a reason because having my son gave me a new look at life, a new path that pointed me in a different direction (blogging is one).  It’s funny how things that can seem so scary or was a complete detour route in my plan can become something beyond what I expected in life.

 What Can I Say About Myself?

Shanice Bannis - About Me | City of Creative Dreams

  I am Canadian! Born and Raised! I am a British Columbia girl living in an Ontario World. But that is not all… I am a young mom to one handsome, cute-tastic son (expect many momma tips and ideas), older sister to three siblings (one of my sisters has autism) and a single parent/working momma. I have a diploma in interior decorating and wedding planning, became a playwright and have one play under my belt. Also, there has always been a passion and love for writing novels. That just about sums me up. Oh, I often hear that I look like I am twelve, fourteen or sixteen (now upgraded to looking eighteen on good days). Looks can be deceiving. This baby face of mine can be a blessing and a curse. However, I am proud to say that I am not in my teens anymore. Sitting proudly in my really early twenties.

 Why I Started This Site?


Originally the reason why I created this blog was that I was a stay at home mom in need of a new activity to do on my spare time in between my son’s naps (as if he naps) and taking care of my siblings. Since then I continued to love my little piece of the web and enjoyed writing and creating new things.  If I wasn’t organizing (yes that is being creative too), I was writing a story or a play or acting or re-designing somewhere in my home. My room, my home, my day, my sketchbook, my laptop has always been a canvas for my creative ideas.Having a blog allows me to share everything I love. I want to share things that excite me, cures an organizing disaster, gives you something to experiment, gives you something to make life a little easier or more fun but most importantly that inspires you like it has inspired me.
  By no means am I perfect nor is my life but that is what makes it a journey! My life will forever be imperfectly perfect. I am finding my way as a mom, sister, blogger and overall person. When life closes doors and pulls rugs out from me, I am still determined to climb my way through life. I will keep getting back up on my feet just like you. So, I hope you find some inspiration, some design, and some laughs. Most importantly I hope you find something you love worth creating or implementing in your own life while following me on my journey. I am excited to show you my life as I create my city of creative dreams!

Want More Little Bits About Me!

Shanice Bannis - About Me | City of Creative Dreams

Just like a city, there is always something happening and my blog is no different. So expected and the unexpected. Not only will I be sharing the best advice that gets you to your dreams. I am also sharing my dreams as well. Both collided with a mix of posts the cater to organization solutions, decor, DIY, crafts, recipes, product reviews, and more will hopefully end up being an explosion of awesomeness. This little city of mine reflects me, my dreams, my passions, my loves, and journey through life as a mom and older sister of three siblings. You are invited to take a tour of this city that I am creating. I mean did you think this was it? Of course not! Go and explore more about me on My Life Page Also, check out where I have been featured here.