Ticket Stub Diary Review

ticket stub diary

I’ve been surfing on Amazon these days because there is some very awesome things on there. This time I have decided to buy myself a little something something. I bought myself a Ticket Stub Diary. I been to many plays over my years (ha ha I try to sound older than I am) and always kept my ticket stub. Do you do that? I used to do this with my movie tickets too until the wording would fade away. There is something about holding on to the little things that triggers great memories. My play ticket stubs had been stacked together and pinned onto my bulletin board collecting dust and not really being showcased like I would like, that is why I decided to treat myself and buy this Ticket Stub Diary. It’s two of my favourite things mixed into one…collecting ticket stubs and organization.

This originally cost $14.99 (that is what the back of the book says) however I have seen people put this up for $30.00 or $20.00 on Amazon (crazy!). I wanted a used book because I don’t mind small imperfections. After searching for a deal I found one selling for $8.97 plus shipping I bought it for $15.46. (not to shabby!) The best part is that is came in mint condition. 

In the inside there are three clear sections.

Beside it there are lines in case you want to write something in it to remember the night.

I added all of the ticket stubs I have at the moment, all the plays that I have been able to see, act in, or wrote and others like a hockey game or dance. It comes with double sided stickers so that your ticket stubs can stay in one place. 

Clear sections, Double Sided Stickers, Small Book
Only one design and one colour choice

I can’t wait to add more ticket stubs to this book. They now have a home for me display them and cherish them properly. I know I have many more tickets for me to collect and many more plays.

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4 Replies to “Ticket Stub Diary Review”

  1. Gosh I never knew there was such a thing! It would be a great gift for my hubby as he saves all his football matches and metallica concert tickets…somewhere! I used to keep mine in my diaries (stopped writing a few years ago) so I now I keep my stubs…somewhere too 😀

    1. Aww that's cute Hanniz. I think this would make a good gift for you and for your hubby. I never thought about storing ticket stubs in my diary. That's a smart idea. Wish I thought of that when I was younger maybe then I would find all my other tickets. I used to store some in my wallet lol

  2. I really like this idea! I usually just throw my ticket stubs away but keeping them could be a great memory to look back on. #ProductReviewParty

    1. You should start! You did pay for it after all why not have a keepsake for the event 🙂

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