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I love sharing photos from the week and most importantly I love sharing these pictures with you! My goal is to take a moment and capture it even if my week has not been exciting. That is usually all the time but life can always surprise you. My week was great apart from the huge dump of snow that came our way. I am still not adjusting to that yet. However, when Canada gives you snow you make a snowman!

You can be sure that lounging in my pj’s was just what I needed. Who wants to leave a very comfortable bed! I know I don’t.

This winter coat seems to never leave my side because snow decided to stick around a little longer but boy does it keep me warm!

I found this cute picture of my little man, he must be thinking deeply about the troublesome adventures he wants to explore. 

Lastly, here is my favorite outfit of the week. Navy blue skirt that I bought from Orfus Road, paired with a black blouse I bought from Value Village and my favorite boots!

That is it for this week. I shared all my favorite things. From my little man to my outfit. It’s always the little things that matter in life and these are a few of them. I hope you enjoyed!

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