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The start of last week was not the best for me. I went to work, closed the store, went home and when I finally rest my head on my pillow. I hear my son, cough that sounded like a bark plus choking and throwing up. I have never seen him this way in my life. I grabbed cough medicine, I put Vicks on him and still horrible so I did what my gut told me and called an ambulance.

They were very nice and helped us a ton. I found out that my son caught croup. Something I was never aware of. He wasn’t even around kids to catch it since he doesn’t go to daycare or school, however, no matter how he caught it. I am happy that he is doing way better. I am still catching up on my sleep because after making it at home by 4am I still had to close at work that same day. It’s the life of a mama!

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