5 Ways to balance busy Schedules and Healthy Family Meals

5 Ways to balance busy Schedules and Healthy Family Meals | City of Creative Dreams

Today’s parents usually don’t have time to cook. Moms and dads both have the responsibility of making money to support the family and making sure that the family is well taken care of. With so many roles going on, many parents wonder how to balance work and life responsibilities in this day and age. With careful planning, there can be several resolutions that will keep you and your family well fed with healthy meals that won’t take all day to prepare. Parents can take these tips and apply them to their everyday lives and enjoy time with their loved ones over a meal.

Planning – A grocery list is an effective way to make sure that you keep track of the items that are missing in your kitchen. A list on the fridge or even in your smartphone can keep you updated on what to buy during your shopping trip. Another good option is to purchase products online. You can create a shopping cart and update it as items are needed. When all of your items are ordered, you can pick them up or have them delivered. You can also reorder the same items a certain day of the month with a simple click of the button. Check with your local grocery stores for this curbside option!

Keep it simple – At the following website, you can find ideas on how to make your cooking style easier. One suggestion is to choose a balanced meal with a protein, starch, vegetable, fruit and daily snacks and plan the shopping trips around those meals. Making a casserole with a vegetable might be better for time instead of cooking each item individually. Simple snacks like fruit and nuts can keep the family satisfied during the day. Healthy whole grain cereals and oatmeal in the morning can take the place of eggs and bacon to cut back on time.

Share the work – If you have already purchased the groceries for your meal, you can express how important it is for the entire family to come together to help prepare. You can leave the ingredients out before your day begins, and after school, you can assign tasks to each child to cut, drain, or even prepare the food that will be eaten. When everyone is home, you can add the final touches, and sit down together to enjoy. Making a salad, setting the table, washing dishes and even preparing the lunches for the next day will help your family stay close, strong, and healthy. You can even consider outsourcing your dinners completely! Companies offer healthy lean meals delivered right to your door that require no prepping and minimal cleanup. Talk about sharing the work!

Don’t skip breakfast – Increased hunger and fatigue can be caused by a lack of breakfast in the morning. If your kids are too young to prepare meals for themselves, preparing meals before bed can be beneficial. Some parents like to put things like oatmeal in the slow cooker to ensure that their kids have a hot meal before the day begins. Studies have shown that kids who are well fed perform the best in school. Having snacks already prepared and separated when the day begins can cut back on a lot of time in the morning and keep everyone happy.

Other ideas include investing in prepackaged foods that are separated by calorie content. This way, you can fight off hunger while making sure that you don’t indulge too much. Making special time for your meals instead of eating on the run, can help with digestion and prevent overeating. Grab and go snacks or meals that can be put into the microwave are functional and can save time and worry if you buy the right ones that are made with real foods. More ideas can be found here.

Guest post courtesy of Mia Morales.
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