How to Create a Easy Beautiful Kids Bedroom Wall Garden

How to Create a Easy Beautiful Kids Bedroom Wall Garden | City of Creative Dreams

Around this time last year, I created a garden style wall monogram for my littlest sister’s wall above her bed. I love it to pieces but it was lacking something. It was missing something and well I couldn’t figure it out right away. It seemed very lonely regardless of the poster and bubble bee art circling the wall. I love that the wall wasn’t screaming at me for attention. Yet, the monogram is super cute and I worked my little butt off on it but this wall was missing its wow factor.


I came across fake flower mats from Michaels and loved the idea of transforming my sister’s wall into a garden. It was the wow factor that I am going for. The color selection was incredible, did I want a purple wall, a pink wall or a blue wall? And then I had to give myself a reality check because this wasn’t going into my bedroom. I can get a little carried away, it happens. So I asked my littlest sister her favorite color and under the list of three colors I decided to go with the only one she mentioned and that was the color green.


These floral mats cost $24.99 each and to create this wall I calculated that I would need eight of them but I am no sucker when it comes to Michaels so there was no way I would pay full price for anything for this project. I did what any loyal Michaels customer would do and wait for the right deal. I waited for their BOGO deal and filled my basket. I only had to pay for four of them because the other four was free! Plus slap on my entire purchase discount and I avoided paying a whopping $200! I spend like around $75.00. Such a difference!

Next, I needed something to hang all the floral mats to the wall and couldn’t think of anything better than the Command hooks. They don’t ruin your walls and if we move like I know we will down the road then these babies will come off the wall with ease.

Peel and stick!

I used the original monogram that I created as my center and stuck two Command hooks to each side.

What are the hooks going to hook onto? Well on the back of the floral mats there is plastic grid style backing to it. It makes it easy to allow the floral mat to stay onto the hooks and onto the wall.


After repeating the same process of peeling the Command hooks, placing it onto the wall and then adding the floral mats then it ended up looking exactly on how I imagined it.

What a difference! If this doesn’t make you feel like you are laying down in the field of flowers then I don’t know what will. I love this wall transformation so much. It makes me feel like it is Spring time all the time. Great simple design that makes a world of an impact to a bedroom. My littlest sister looked like the shock faced emoji when she saw this so with that result I pronounce this a mic drop project. 

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  1. Superb Wow! What an amazing stuff– thanks so much for the invite. I’m going to badge up & add some posts 🙂 x

  2. Wow! Love this bedroom, its like bringing the outdoors in to your bedroom! I must admit I had so much fun recently decorating my sons bedroom, you can be so much more creative with kids bedrooms, it was great to indulge his developing imagination! He went for a space theme as he is crazy about anything astronauts & space, we found the most wonderful kids bed which had a rocket attached, even I am jealous!!

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