Colorful Kids Paint Can Wedding Favors + Free Printable

simple kids wedding favors


In need of favors ideas for your youngest wedding guest? I can give you one idea. They can be the toughest ones to please so why not keep it sweet with my DIY colorful kids paint can wedding favors. It is by far the easiest thing you can create in a short amount of time and with my printable that I have in store for you, it will only make things simpler. However, you will have to wait until the end for that. I want to show you how I create this first and then you can grab your supplies too and create your very own version.
I originally created this for my little sister’s last day of school gifts. She has a colorful soul and her class has the least amount of kids so it works out perfectly to try something new other than my go-to lollipop labels. There is really no one way to use this idea, it can be favored for any party and yes this would make a great wedding favor for kids as well.

What You Need

Mini Clear Paint Cans | Scissors | Labels | Candy (Starburst)
I used Canva to design these colorful labels. Use of a circle, white background and chose of wording and I was done. I love grouping everything together and simply copying it over and over until the page is filled. Then I printed it onto Cricut sticker paper and cut out each circle.



Next, is getting the mini clear paint cans ready.


What kid doesn’t love candy? I know I am not a kid but I am a lover of candy. Sweet, sour and delicious. I can have it all? I choose Starbursts because it went with my colorful theme. When I think about a rainbow, the first candy that comes to mind is Starburst. I love it!



The mini cans are missing one thing though, the labels!


Peel the back of the labels that are already cut out and stick them onto the body of the mini paint cans. The labels can say anything you choose. I thought it says “Have a Colorful Summer” really reflected what I was going for in my theme.





There you have it, these mini cans can do wonders for your wedding. Fill it up and add a label, it could not be any easier. I am sure all the kids will love the sweet treats they find inside as well as all the children at heart. I know that I am even tempted to each a few from these tins.

Get your own free printable of “Have a Colorful Summer” right here. Enjoy!



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