Making the Choice of Wedding Glasses

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Making the Choice of Wedding Glasses | City of Creative Dreams

Putting in all the effort to plan that flawless wedding is an essential requirement. You need to take the smallest of details into consideration to have what you call ‘the perfect wedding’. Here we talk about the ‘perfect’ wedding glasses. This is one of the most important days of your life and planning out the right glasses beside the other things works out to be ‘essential’. Decide on the different factors before you make a choice of the wedding glasses so that everything is ‘picture perfect’. A wedding should be a memorable affair not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests. Some tips before you make a choice of these glasses can go a long way.

Making the Choice of Wedding Glasses | City of Creative Dreams

#1. Keep the theme of the wedding in mind before you start hunting for the wine glasses. These glasses need to complement the occasion in every possible way.

#2. The next important factor to be taken into consideration is the color. It is a matter of choice and preference. Just because you wear a white gown does not mean the glasses also should be transparent and simple.

#3. As we know the contours of a glass can determine how much of air comes in contact with the wine. This can also determine the amount of aroma which is released.

Information on Different Wedding Glasses:

Consider the smallest details in a wine glass for your wedding. This makes all the difference to the taste of the wine.

Stem: A stemmed glass avoids the heat of your hand being transferred to the wine. Storage of these glasses is much more convenient as compared to the glasses without stems.Moreover, these glasses tend to grace the occasion in an elegant manner as compared to the stemless ones.
Bowl: You need to be aware that wedding glasses with a wider bowl area tend to expose more of the surface area of the wine to the air. This might lead to evaporation of the alcohol. This exposure can make a lot of difference to the taste of the wine. This oxidation is apt for red wines. For white wines, you need to look for narrow bowls in glasses. These narrow glasses tend to retain the chill of the white wines.
Rim: The flared rim can retain the wine’s aroma and direct the flow towards the palate in the front. This tends to temper acidity and highlights the rich flavors. The tapered glasses tend to prevent the wafting of the aroma and prevent any spills when you swirl the glass.

Few Facts on Wedding Glasses:

A clear wine glass made of crystal or glass tends to enhance the experience of drinking wine, while a colored one hampers with the perception most of us have about different wines.  Make a choice of these glasses keeping in mind the type of wine to be served on this special day. As we have seen different shapes in these wedding glasses tend to offer a different experience.

Choosing Wedding Glasses:

Making the Choice of Wedding Glasses | City of Creative Dreams

Make that extra effort and find the right suppliers of wedding glasses. Searching online is one option which can help you save on the time and money. Ensure that the supplier has a reputation of supplying these glasses. You should look for quality and make sure there is no compromise on this factor. The quality of a wedding glass can make all the difference to the looks. Compare prices before you settle for a specific supplier. You can also look for customized wedding glasses to make this occasion all the more special.


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