How to Avoid Most Common Decorating Mistakes

How to Avoid Most Common Decorating Mistakes | City of Creative Dreams

Interior design is like art – every work of art is unique in its own way and every artist has their own style. Similarly, every home breathes with a sense of authenticity because of the personalities of their owners who, like artists, express themselves, but only through a different medium. However, what transforms the average works into true masterpieces is their extraordinary balance. Even a single mistake can disrupt the perfect flow of a masterpiece. So, if you want to decorate your home in a way that will transcend the average, you should eliminate the possibility of making a mistake.

Not knowing your space


How to Avoid Most Common Decorating Mistakes | City of Creative Dreams

Without knowing your space and its features, you won’t be able to bring out its beauty and you risk making a costly mistake. Before painting your entire home or buying an entire furniture set, you should take a look at your space and consider what design elements will benefit it the most.

Choosing wrong colours for your space can really close it up and make it seem smaller, which is one of the greatest design mistakes, especially for small areas. Picking the right hues means choosing the ones that will open up your space and create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and airiness while simultaneously elevating its décor. What it doesn’t mean is sticking to a certain colour only because it’s your favourite one regardless of whether it’s appropriate for your home.

Another common mistake is not measuring your space and buying a furniture set only to realise that it doesn’t fit. You’ll end up overcrowding your space, trying to squeeze in your oversized furniture. In addition, a set of matching pieces has less appeal than carefully combined individual pieces. If you end up with cluttered space, just search for removalists from Brisbane and pack all the unnecessary things you do not need.  So, the first step is measuring your space, then finding the right furniture and finally placing the pieces appropriately and not against the wall which is another common mistake.


Being too afraid

How to Avoid Most Common Decorating Mistakes | City of Creative Dreams

Out of the fear of making a mistake, a lot of people don’t experiment with their interiors. Everything is perfectly matched, all the colours are neutral and monochromatic and every single piece blends in. Not only are these interiors boring, but they are also completely without personality. They all look the same because their owners are afraid to experiment.

Don’t hesitate to think outside the box because this will add character and uniqueness to your home. For example, if you have plenty of paintings don’t just hang them on the wall. You can place your artwork on a mantelpiece, put it on a side table or just lean it against the wall. You can also experiment with different ways of grouping your paintings. However, if you decide to just hang them, place them at the eye level or even lower.

Another on the list of mistakes is being afraid to mix and match your design elements. Sticking to a single style or colour can be elegant but quite monotonous. Instead, break the monotony by introducing unexpected pops of colour or combining different patterns. If your home features a contemporary style, a vintage piece of furniture can be a stunning focal point.


Being too bold

How to Avoid Most Common Decorating Mistakes | City of Creative Dreams
On the other hand, being too bold will create a chaotic and exaggerated look. If you use every item in your home as a bold statement, none of them will stand out. Finding a perfect balance in interior design means knowing how and when you can use bold statements. Only then will your home décor exude authenticity.
Decorating each room as if it’s isolated from the rest of your home will create a disharmonious look. For example, if you have an open-floor plan, slight variations in design can separate one zone from the other, but this entails using different shades of the same hue, not two completely different colours. The same goes for interior styles – if your kitchen features a vintage style with intricately carved wooden cabinets, your dining room shouldn’t have a contemporary décor and sleek glass surfaces. Opting for similar styles and colours will create a cohesive look that you can use as a backdrop for introducing bold pieces. If everything is bold, none of it will be.
While some mistakes can be easily corrected, others can cost you a fortune. However, by knowing your space and creating a balanced yet authentic look, you’ll be able to avoid making mistakes and create your own masterpiece.
Guest post courtesy of Emma Joyce.
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