Dreaming Out Loud: My Dream Dining Room

Dreaming Out loud: My Dream Dining Room | City of Creative Dreams

Take a moment. Close your eyes and just imagine. You walk into your home and see your dream dining room right at your finger tips. You rub your hands against the smooth table and the soft fabric of the dining chair. What does it look like? Is the table wood or glass? Modern or farmhouse style? Does your chair even have fabric or classic metal frame? What does your dream dining room look like? What dining room table would you put in your dining room? Well, I don’t know about you but I couldn’t resist the urge to show you what my dream dining room would look like. I can’t wait one more minute, let’s dive in!

Dining Room Table

Dreaming Out loud: My Dream Dining Room | City of Creative Dreams

Obviously, the dining room table is the key. It is the heartbeat that sets the tone for the space. Plus it is also the spot on which you need to have your food rested on. So, you will have to stare at it for a long time. I am all for the DIY kind of table, however, personally, I love tables that I don’t have to put too much work in. If you have asked me prior to having a son, I would have hands down would have told you that I love glass tables. Nowadays, I have more gravitated to marble and metals. I love metal legs shaped into creative designs instead of your regular four legs tables. It’s nice to get outside of the box sometimes and explore other designs. As for the shape, I really like keeping it classy and sticking with a rectangle because I really believe the legs are the real stars of the table. Check out more dining room table options here.


Dining Room Chairs

Dreaming Outloud: My Dream Dining Room | City of Creative Dreams

For my dining room chairs, I want two styles. I always love the concept of having the head of the table with a wow piece of furniture. I mean the head of the table is royalty in the family so why not have a killer chair that is furniture royalty to go along. My favorite style is wingback chairs. I think the style is so elegant. The chairs along the sides would be complimentary to the style in some way or at least in the color. I know with kids, parents like to stay away from fabric in chairs especially white fabrics for obvious reason but they are so comfortable and companies have developed resistant fabrics that can hand most messes. For me, I am thinking more of a beige or gray tones.



Dreaming Outloud: My Dream Dining Room | City of Creative Dreams

Similar to the table and chairs, I like a wow factor. In my dream dining room, there would be a focus wall of some sort. It has to say something. Nothing blah. It can’t be boring. It has to be eye catching because I know the interior decorator inside me will not settle for less. A stone wall, textured wallpaper, a large window or even just a large painting or picture of a scenery. It can make a great conversation piece and an even more stunning backdrop to the table. The walls really compliment a dining room so having the right wall color and focus wall will tie everything together.



Dreaming Outloud: My Dream Dining Room | City of Creative Dreams

I am most likely never to have fine china (at least, I can admit it) but regardless I want storage. Everything can’t always fit in the kitchen and when we try, it can sometimes cause the kitchen to be more cluttered than expected. What would I even put in this storage cabinet? Well, it is still up for discussion. Maybe I can put my nice placemats and dish chargers. It can even be a place where I hide my grown up drinks or just for simple decor in the glass display. I honestly have no clue of what else to put in there other than that at the moment but at least I will have the space for stuff when I need it. Here are a few ideas of what I am imagining.

Mood Board (The Final Touches!)

Dreaming Outloud: My Dream Dining Room | City of Creative Dreams

Now that I have my ideas mapped out, I am ready to have guest over and have a party. Okay, I will have to wait until this dream is granted but until then I will keep on dreaming that dream. Did I get your brain intrigued? You are probably thinking about what your dream dining room would look like as we speak. I think I just saw pin a few ideas! Well don’t leave me hanging, I would love to hear all about it. Nothing is off the table. I want to know it all!


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