How to Plan for Catering at a Wedding?


How to Plan for Catering at a Wedding? | City of Creative Dreams
They say that marriages are made in heaven. If so then your guests deserve a heavenly meal. Many people will forget details about your wedding but everybody will remember the food that was served on the wedding day. This is why it is important to plan for wedding catering in a systematic and logical way. This is the most memorable and wonderful day of your life and if you want to organize this day with some positive notes then you must choose the best wedding catering service. In this regard, you need to taste their food and recipes, discuss the menu with these caterings services, check their license, read their online reviews and you must check their hospitality before you finalize your deal. 


How to Plan for Catering at a Wedding? | City of Creative Dreams

How would you hire the best wedding catering services?

Right from picking the correct company, to trying their food before the big day, every step of this guide is well thought out, covering all the angles when it comes to wedding catering.
·        Before you actually begin searching for a wedding catering service, you need to work out the budget. Remember that a major portion of the wedding budget is devoted to food and drinks. If you can figure out exactly how much you are going to spend, then it makes it easier for both the wedding catering company as well as you to work on the same page.
·        A lot of wedding venues have their choice of preferred caterers, who have rendered good service over the years. You can be sure that the caterer has been trustworthy and reliable, which is why they are on that list. Asking friends and relatives for
suggestions also yields good results, because they do not have any issues when it comes to helping you out.
·       You should get proposals from at least 3 or 4 wedding catering services. It helps you to compare one caterer with the next as well as check out their menus. You need to be specific when you do this. It is your responsibility to tell the caterers what the
headcount is. And in return it’s the caterer’s duty to give you a proposal containing the menu, number of waiters, chefs, bartenders and coordinators.
·       You should specifically ask the caterers if they are providing the linen for the event, and if so then what kind and style. Sometimes rental companies do this job, but if it is in the hands of the caterer, then it helps to coordinate the process, rather than juggling between two companies. 

 How to Plan for Catering at a Wedding? | City of Creative Dreams

Taste the food and read the reviews of the wedding catering services:

You should specifically ask for tastings from at least 3 wedding catering companies. A lot of caterers nowadays are
present at wedding expos, where they treat you to their wares. You can taste their food on these events, and at the same time, you can compare it with the other caterers at the venue.
·        Before you sign the contract, it is a good idea to read some of the reviews by previous customers. Customer reviews are quite good at ranking the caterer, and if the customer is genuinely happy with the caterer’s services, then you can easily hire them for your wedding day.
·        There is likely to be drinks on the cards. Find out what type of alcohol they serve and if they charge on a head count or
a lump sum.  Catering companies also allow you to purchase and provide the alcohol while they supply the
bartender.  So, choose the best option after discussing the same with the respective catering company.
So now hire some best wedding catering services and organize the wedding day with some best and delicious menus.


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